5 Lessions from the Trenches

Get More Done In IT: Top 5 Lessons From The Trenches

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Why are some IT departments at mid-sized companies recognized as strategic partners by executives, while others are still perceived as a utility to keep business going? More importantly, what does it take to make sure your IT department is one of the successful ones?

Listen as Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston, Datacenter Manager at Lineage Logistics, and Tom Hayes, VP Product Marketing at Kaseya, discuss with real-world examples and best-practices learned in the trenches.

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  • How evolving IT management maturity allows you to free up time to work on more strategic projects
  • 8 key insights from Kaseya’s first annual IT Operations survey for mid-sized companies
  • 5 steps that will have the biggest impact on improving your IT operations performance and maturity