Get the Most Out of Your IT Budget Cover

Get the Most Out of Your IT Budget

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Join TechTarget in partnership with Kaseya as we showcase a three-part webinar series that covers IT spending trends of 2019. The three webinars aim to help SMBs shape their IT budgets, helping them achieve their business goals in the next fiscal year.

Listen to Dana Such: Vice-President and Publisher, TechTarget; John Emmitt: Director of Product Marketing, Kaseya; Craig Allen: General Manager, APAC, Kaseya, as they dig deep into why and how SMBs are increasing their IT spends on security.

You’ll learn:

  • SMB IT spending focus in 2019
  • Threats SMBs should be concerned about
  • Security challenges for SMBs
  • Security initiatives by SMBs
  • Safeguarding IT infrastructure effortlessly