Help Your Clients Nail GDPR Compliance With Compliance Manager Cover
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Help Your Clients Nail GDPR Compliance with Compliance Manager

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has sparked an international movement for stronger accountability and transparency regarding personal data privacy and security. Whether it’s the 72-hour breach notification rule or the imposition of hefty fines, it has certainly made headlines more often than not. More importantly, businesses have found it difficult to understand its nitty-gritties and comply with its regulations.

Grab this opportunity to expand your MSP practice and create new recurring revenue streams by leveraging Compliance Manager — the ultimate platform to help your clients prepare for, and maintain, continuous compliance with GDPR regulations.

Download our concise product brief to learn how powerful compliance process automation and white-glove support can help your clients:

  • Achieve compliance and avoid GDPR fines
  • Generate evidence of compliance
  • Produce GDPR-approved reports
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