IT Planning for 2021: Innovating For Success Cover

IT Planning for 2021: Innovating for Success

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This year, IT has been critical to a business’ success more than ever. Many companies have witnessed huge technological shifts as a result of accelerated digital transformation. Organizations are now hip-deep planning for 2021 and we are sure you are too. Are you positioned to drive innovation and growth across your business?

Watch our on-demand webinar “IT Planning for 2021: Innovating For Success” as Daniel Hulme, CEO of Satalia and a frequent speaker for Google and TEDx, discusses innovation and digital transformation for IT teams. The webinar provides deep insights into cutting edge technologies that could help drive business success and emerging trends that you cannot afford to ignore.

The webinar covers:

  • The relationship between Digital Transformation, Digital Twins, Automaton and Artificial Intelligence
  • How technology change will disrupt the way organizations operate forever
  • How these emerging technologies will impact business in the short, medium and long term