Let the Cloud Take Guesswork out of Backup

Let the Cloud Take the Guesswork Out of Backup

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As you have seen and heard with the increase in worldwide ransomware attacks, such as WannaCry and the newest threat Petya, it is imperative to have a plan and start discussions on how to handle ransomware with your clients.

Part of this conversation must include how to handle a ransomware attack, because let’s face it no matter how well you train your customers and their staff about security precautions; someone is going to click on something that they shouldn’t. And when they do your client is going to look to you for an answer and possibly blame you for any damages.

Review the recorded discussion with Frank Tisellano Jr, Global General Manager, IT Complete & VSA and Craig Allen, Technical Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, to hear and learn how you can back up and recover every machine you manage on-premises or to the cloud – all from one place.

You’ll get a chance to:

  • Learn to deal with threats by starting a Ransomeware protection plan with automated backup processes that ensure the accessibility of critical data
  • Discover how to enhance your services by offering comprehensive backup solutions for your customers
  • See how Kaseya Cloud Backup is the world’s fastest backup solution integrated into your daily operations