Maximize Efficiency and ROI with Kaseya + Cytracom Cover

Maximize Efficiency and ROI with Kaseya + Cytracom

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No MSP practice is complete without a professional services automation platform (PSA) as its go-to support tool. Likewise, no business is complete without its go-to support channel: voice. Before now, managing the customer relationship over the phone and managing their support tickets have been separate tasks, leading to breakdowns in the accuracy of information, customer service and efficiency.

Enter Kaseya and Cytracom. Join us as we highlight the new integration of Cytracom’s voice service into Kaseya BMS, an industry-leading PSA platform. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of unified workflows to drive efficiency
  • How MSPs can access rich call data within the BMS platform
  • Current and future roadmap features
  • How to get started with this integration