Monitor and Manage Devices: Mobile Workforce

Monitor And Manage Devices For Today's Mobile Workforce

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Face it, with today’s widely distributed and mobile workforce, your area of IT responsibility can now extend into every coffee shop, airport lounge, offsite conference, and living room in the world.

Wherever your users roam, you need to be able to see and support them. And, of course, keep their data and endpoint devices updated, patched and secured, even when they’ve moved far beyond the parameters of your firewall.

Watch as Kirk Feathers, VP of Product Enablement, shows a focused, 30-minute tour of how, with Kaseya VSA, you can easily stay connected to all end users and off-line devices.

Kirk will demonstrate how to:

  • Access and manage end-user devices anywhere in the world – even if they are off-network
  • Gain remote control instantly (even behind the scenes) regardless of their location or yours
  • Patch machines and keep your antivirus and anti-malware current even if the device is sitting on a counter at home
  • Locate and wipe data from stolen or misplaced equipment