Reducing Your Company's Risk of Penalties During Audit

Reducing Your Company's Risk of Penalties During an Audit

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Compliance, whether it is HIPAA, PCI or one of the other alphabet soup regulations, can seem overwhelming at times. With the rules always changing and language sometime purposely vague, it is a wonder that anyone can get any sleep in the IT department when an audit is coming up.

In this webinar we cover how you can keep current with these new rules and make audits less stressful.

Listen to Mike Semel, HIPAA expert and CEO of Semel Consulting; Mark Winter, VP Sales at Rapid Fire Tools; and Tracy Hernandez, Product Marketing Manager at Kaseya, as they cover:

  • The basics of the HIPAA and PCI compliance
  • Proactive ways to prepare for an audit
  • Tools that make audits easier