The Best Way To Price, Market And Sell Your Managed Services Offerings

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Are you a MSP executive who needs to ramp up sales and marketing efforts, but can’t stand the idea of gimmicky sales techniques? Having a hard time figuring out which sales practices work best to help you drive business growth?

Listen as Charles Weaver, CEO of MSPAlliance; Peter Kujawa, President, Locknet Managed IT Services (a division of EO Johnson Business Technologies); and Miguel Lopez, Kaseya Senior Technical Director, offer practical, straightforward and actionable steps to help you increase sales, growth, and profitability.

Register for this webinar, and learn:

  • How to achieve clarity and establish plans for growing your managed services
  • Business practices that high-growth MSPs share in common
  • The most profitable way to bundle and price your services
  • Which new services you can offer to meet customers’ evolving demands