Data Driven MSP

The Data Driven MSP

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Most MSPs are not founded because the owner just wants to run a business. The majority of MSPs are created because the founder enjoys technology and wants to help other businesses grow through the use of technology. Yet, as an MSP grows, it is vital that the owner start to take on more of a business mindset that includes the managing of teams and KPI’s. This is easier said than done though; because how can someone tell what KPIs are the most important to growing a business?

In this webinar, BrightGauge Co-Founder & CEO, Brian Dosal and Kaseya’s General Manager, Jim Lippie, discuss how to manage your team and your business with KPIs.

Some of the topics covered by Brian and Jim include:

  • Why you should be managing your team with KPIs
  • Top KPIs for your Service, Project, NOC, Sales, and Finance teams
  • How process and documentation support your KPI focus
  • And more!