Top 5 Signs You’re Living in Jurassic IT!

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Top 5 Signs You’re Living in Jurassic IT!

  • You still use a VPN for off-network management
  • You are in IT, but can’t see key assets on the network
  • Your remote control to your end users machines and seem to interrupt them at the worst times
  • Your first-alert monitoring system sounds just like the screams from end users

The concept of auto-remediate means you have your tech fix it anyway Mid-market Enterprises really struggle with change, often settling for legacy solutions or a lot of disconnected point tools. You know it is time to simplify your IT stack, expand your capabilities, and address the risk of Jurassic IT. But where do you get started?

Kaseya has been helping the Mid-market take the complexity out of IT for over two decades. In this webinar, Tracy Hernandez, VP of Product Marketing will cover

  • Key stories from Jurassic IT
  • Trends and Challenges: Kaseya IT Operations Benchmark data
  • Re-thinking Endpoint Management
  • Live Product Demo