Top Security Concerns MSPs Need to Address

Top Security Concerns MSPs Need to Address with Their Customers

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Many MSPs focus on needs analysis, reaching the decision maker, and a variety of other topics when marketing and selling managed services. Too frequently, though, MSPs ignore the security concerns of customers and prospects, and spend too little time addressing them.

Security and privacy are now paramount to customers and their decision to outsource IT management.

Listen Charles Weaver, CEO and Founder of MSPAlliance, and Miguel Lopez, SVP and GM of Managed Services at Kaseya, in this webcast highlighting the major security and privacy questions in the minds of customers and how MSPs need to respond to these concerns.

Some of the webcast highlights include:

  • The general security posture MSPs should adopt
  • Best practices for client data privacy
  • Essential steps for MSP business continuity planning
  • And more