Virtually Eliminate Truck Rolls

Virtually Eliminate Truck Rolls For Unresponsive Computers

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What if you could virtually eliminate site visits for unresponsive laptops, computers and kiosks? Imagine the time and money you and your business could save and the speed that you can bring systems back online. Well, now you can with Kaseya VSA and Intel vPro Technology.

Listen to Eric Townsend, Director of SMB and MSP Marketing at Intel, and Jim Schenck, VP of Product Management at Kaseya, as they demonstrate the power you can get by leveraging Intel vPro with Kaseya VSA:

  • Remotely fix OS problems, including damaged disks via low-level power control and BIOS-level access
  • Easily register, repair, backup and redeploy computer assets with remote drive mounting
  • Close hardware tickets faster while also saving time and money
  • See for yourself how you can drastically reduce on-site repair calls today.