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Kaseya VSA Network Monitoring Features

Kaseya VSA Network Monitoring software integrates directly into Kaseya VSA which can be used to monitor all aspects of network connected devices including servers, hypervisors, routers, switches, firewalls, and more.

Performance Monitoring

VSA monitors hypervisor, VM datastores, and host/device CPU, disk, memory and network bandwidth utilization as well as switch/router/firewall monitoring.


VSA triggers notifications and other actions when a log message is encountered that matches a pre-defined filter. Windows event log, Linux/Unix syslog and text log files are supported.


VSA includes support for monitoring Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and a generic ODBC monitor for use with other DBMS. All of the monitors can perform a SQL query as well as additional performance monitoring specific to each DBMS.

Gavel and Computer

Meet and exceed your compliance and service expectations of your customers with pre-built procedures, automation, and more. You’ll have the tools, access, and integrations to meet even your toughest compliance challenges.

Lightning Bolt

Monitor anything with an IP address on the network. There’s no limited to the amount of devices that can be monitored – get unlimited monitors and never pay for servers.

Person with Atom

Kaseya’s built-in intelligence automatically suppresses transient flaps, and prevents alarm floods based on topology and service dependencies. In addition, Kaseya’s smart suppression engine uses complex heuristics to avoid flood of alarms in redundant networks.

VSA Patch Management

Real-time Monitoring Alarms Triggered By User-defined Events

With Kaseya VSA, you can define all aspects of your monitoring and alerting policies, and create these policies based on any and all dimensions you want – by client, department, asset type, user – depending based on what makes sense for your business. Better yet, you can define alerts that tell you before a problem impacts an end user. Real‐time alarms, configured via user-defined rules, are triggered based on events such as approaching maximum capacity, traps, log messages, user defined maintenance, etc.

Kaseya VSA provides advanced root cause analysis that analyzes end‐to‐end business impact instead of just stopping at the network layer. The multi‐stage alarm engine provides a comprehensive escalation process to send notifications based on how long a device has been in warning or critical condition, time of day and status on repeated polling.

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Customer Reviews
Review by Sean M.
My job would be a nightmare without Kaseya VSA

I like the simplicity of executing tasks once they are automated and configure all since the same dashboard. Also, I like the history that you keep of the process after each task had been executed. From the audit perspective, the way that you check the log of the last tasks executed and changes applied to a server. Solves core problems like patching the users and servers in our organizations, it simplifies completely the process and reporting in general.

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Review by Racey C.
I can do more in VSA than if I’m physically seated at the endpoint

Kaseya makes what could otherwise be a huge project super easy stuff. VSA is probably the most important force multiplier in my environment. Our workforce is increasingly mobile and regularly have a huge number of endpoints not sitting directly on the LAN. The ability to continue managing them fairly effectively is excellent.

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Listen to George Hewitt, Executive Technology Consultant at Waterstons, as he explains how Kaseya makes IT automation and integration a walk in the park for them. Learn how easy growth and scalability can be with VSA by Kaseya.

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