Get Visibility into Network Performance Problems with Kaseya VSA

Monitor all aspects of network-connected devices, and gain insights into CPU, disk, memory, network bandwidth, files, logs and more
Network Monitoring

Single Pane of Glass

With Kaseya VSA, you can monitor Windows, VMware, Linux, Cisco IOS and 20 other operating systems covering a wide range of networking devices, web, database and email servers, log files and Windows performance counters – all through a single, unified console.

Kaseya Network Monitoring Capabilities

Kaseya VSA provides MSPs and IT professionals with the capabilities they need to proactively manage their systems and keep end users productive.

Performance monitoring

This includes hypervisor, VM datastores, and host/device CPU, disk, memory and network bandwidth utilization as well as switch/router/firewall monitoring

File and directory monitoring

You can monitor if a file exists, the number of files in a directory, directory size and capacity, and if new files are added on a schedule

Log monitoring

Kaseya VSA triggers notifications and other actions when a log message is encountered that matches a pre-defined filter. Windows event log, Linux/Unix syslog and text log files are also supported.