Powerful, Fast, Remote Control Software

Kaseya VSA delivers a complete, fast and secure remote control solution even behind firewalls or from machines at home

Best Remote Control Experience

IT professionals frequently need to access servers, workstations and mobile devices securely, quickly and without impacting the productivity of users. Kaseya VSA allows technicians to access and manage computers from anywhere at near instantaneous connect times with extraordinary reliability, even over high latency networks.

Kaseya VSA Remote Control Capabilities

Kaseya VSA’s Remote Control capabilities enable technicians and sysadmins to remotely troubleshoot and manage computers regardless of their location.

Remote Control

Take over the remote computer collaboratively with the end user, with all operations are as if the technician were physically sitting in front of the computer

Private Remote Sessions

Establish private Remote Control sessions for Windows so that administrators can work on servers or workstations without the end user visually seeing what is being done

Every Session Logged

Track and report on Remote Control sessions by admin, by machine, per month, week, day, etc., with a history of access for compliance purposes