RMM Software by Kaseya VSA

Get Peace of Mind through Reliable, Automatic Patch Deployment

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Remote Control

User-defined Monitoring and Alerts

With Kaseya VSA, you can define all aspects of your monitoring and alerting policies, and create these policies based on any and all dimensions you want – by client, department, asset type, user – depending based on what makes sense for your business. Better yet, you can define alerts that tell you before a problem impacts an end user. For example, monitor devices for disk defragmentation – and even set up rules to automatically defrag at a time that has the least impact on the business.

Kaseya VSA Remote Monitoring and Management Capabilities

Kaseya VSA provides MSPs and IT professionals with the capabilities they need to proactively manage their systems and keep end users productive.

Single Console

VSA provides a consolidated, centralized control panel to provide a complete overview of your entire IT infrastructure and of all your clients’ IT infrastructure.

Automatic Discovery

You can’t manage what you can’t see. With VSA, there’s no system monitoring software to install. So, you’re up and running in minutes as VSA automatically discovers all devices on the network.

Real-time Reports

Continual monitoring means records are always current with complete operational details on all devices and network infrastructure under management, making reporting simple and easy.