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IT Reinvented: How GoCloud Scaled to the Cloud and Beyond, Powered by Kaseya


GoCloud was founded in 2015 by corporate executive veteran Javier Dugarte. The company initially focused on IT sales, but Dugarte shifted to cloud solutions and cybersecurity to meet growing demand. Over the years, GoCloud reinvented itself multiple times, always seizing opportunities. All the while, the company’s core vision — to revolutionize IT services by combining strategic partnerships with cutting-edge technology — never changed. Today, GoCloud is a robust managed security service provider (MSSP) with a diverse portfolio, including network infrastructure, government services and managed IT services.


Go Cloud
Miami, Fla.


Go Cloud is a revolutionary technology provider based in Miami, Fla., delivering Fortune 500 IT strategies to SMBs across the United States at nonFortune500 prices. Specializing in highcompliance sectors like legal, healthcare, finance and government, Go Cloud has evolved from an entrepreneurial pursuit into one of the most comprehensive U.S. technology providers.

"Relying on the strength of being Powered by Kaseya has allowed us to extend the power and success of Kaseya to our customers. Partnering with Kaseya has been one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made for GoCloud." Javier DugarteFounder


After months of strategic development to expand the company beyond IT sales, GoCloud’s foray into cloud services was initially met with skepticism and hiring challenges because of the nascent state of cloud technology at the time. While there was growing interest and a need for cloud solutions, adoption was slow due to lack of education, forcing GoCloud to evangelize cloud as part of their go-to-market strategy. This resulted in long sales cycles but valuable new cloud-focused customers.

Once public cloud providers became household names, GoCloud evolved their core business offerings yet again, transitioning from private to public cloud services with Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. This transition freed up resources and established a much larger prospect base for GoCloud. However, despite the company’s vision, leading tech talent and nimbleness, clunky tools and manual processes continued to hold them back. Little did Dugarte know that a burgeoning company called Kaseya would be the key to unlock the door to his bright future.

“Our partnership with Kaseya is like a good marriage. It’s about working together through opportunities and challenges and continuously improving.” Javier Dugarte Founder


While Dugarte knew of Kaseya, GoCloud’s early commitment to ConnectWise prevented him from taking a close look. As GoCloud’s growth became increasingly restricted by service and product development declines at ConnectWise, he was forced to shop around. Once the door was open with Kaseya, Dugarte knew he had found what GoCloud needed to reach their full potential. The Kaseya team listened carefully to GoCloud’s challenges and helped Dugarte devise a growth plan fueled by a toolset that allowed them to deliver world-class services with unprecedented efficiency and cost savings.

The first step in kickstarting GoCloud’s transformation was to replace their clunky, underdeveloped ConnectWise PSA and Continuum RMM tools with Kaseya’s Autotask and Datto RMM tools. Almost overnight, Dugarte’s team shaved hours off their workweek by leveraging built-in automations and managing them through a conjoined interface. Upgrading the rest of GoCloud’s product stack with integrated tools throughout Kaseya’s IT Complete platform was a no-brainer. Within six months, GoCloud had deployed a whole new integrated system with Kaseya products, including IT Glue, Datto EDR, RocketCyber, BullPhish ID, Dark Web ID and Compliance Manager GRC. They were finally operating at the level of efficiency and quality needed to successfully expand. “Relying on the strength of being Powered by Kaseya has allowed us to extend the power and success of Kaseya to our customers,” says Dugarte, adding, “Partnering with Kaseya has been one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made for GoCloud.”


Since adopting Kaseya’s IT Complete platform, GoCloud has grown even faster than Dugarte thought possible. He attributes GoCloud’s success over the past few years to his strategic partnership with Kaseya, which significantly enhanced the company’s infrastructure, improving how they support their customers by reducing incident response and increasing customer satisfaction. “Our partnership with Kaseya is like a good marriage,” says Dugarte. “It’s about working together through opportunities and challenges and continuously improving.” GoCloud has taken the dependable partnership approach with Kaseya to their own customers, with a commitment to mutual success. Dugarte believes this ultimately creates the foundation of a strong, long-lasting relationship with each of them.


GoCloud’s future is bright, and Dugarte has no plans to slow down. The company’s vision remains focused on continuously evolving with cutting-edge technology backed by strategic partnerships. When asked where he sees GoCloud in three years, Dugarte says, “I see us taking managed services to a whole new level of efficiency with a seamless, one-stop portal for our clients to self-select and instantly deploy the services they need — essentially empowering them by putting proven, Powered by Kaseya technology in their hands.”