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Tech Stack that Works for ReachOut, Not the Other Way Around


The company’s focus is currently on growth in building the first nationwide MSP brand, specifically through mergers and acquisitions, and are diligent for smooth transitions so that the clients of the acquired MSPs have the same customer experience that they had prior to merging. As such, the transitions need to be absolutely seamless. This is only possible with the help of a tech stack that is intuitive and automates their work. With so many different moving parts and new stakeholders at hand, ReachOut cannot afford to lag behind with outdated tools. This is why once they used IT Glue, BMS and VSA, they never looked back.


Reachout Technology


ReachOut Technology is an award-winning, Chicago-based MSP that became the first publicly traded MSP in the USA in 2021. Rick Jordan, CEO and Founder, is a nationally recognized voice on Cybersecurity and MSPs, and has assembled a board of directors that includes Kevin Harrington, the original shark on Shark Tank and Darren Jacklin of multi-billion dollar EXP.

ReachOut Technology serves clients nationwide and strives to give everyone an incredible, “holy sh*t” experience. They achieve this by ensuring their day-to-day operations run smoothly with the help of automation tools so that they can provide responsive and fast support.

Kaseya has an amazing team that just does it for us. All the data ingestion. That’s why we moved over there…and besides as people they just kick ass. Rick JordanFounder & CEO


The previous PSA solution that ReachOut used did not provide them with the support they needed and due to lackluster customer service, their goals were getting harder to achieve.

With their key focus being more successful mergers and acquisitions, ReachOut required a PSA that could smoothly merge different companies and their data into one. The PSA is at the core of their business operations and it is crucial that this system can sustain such changes as flawlessly as possible.

Ryan Luering, Director of Operations at ReachOut, said, “we found that we had to do so much extra work with our previous PSA, just to get it to function as it was intended. There are a lot of steps you have to take while setting it up and it felt like we were putting too much time just in trying to get it to perform ok.” Additionally, Ryan shared that “their system looked outdated, performed in the same manner and was difficult to navigate. The features available were not helping us improve our output and workflows as we’d hoped.”

Ultimately, the decision to switch to BMS was hugely needed for ReachOut to be able to grow in the way they set out to. As Ryan said, “We needed someone on our side that would be able to help us get our data prepared for mergers.”


ReachOut now uses BMS, VSA and IT Glue together, which enables them to automate their work and give their clients a “holy sh*t” experience. “Kaseya’s products are mature so you can put what you need in, and get out what you need tenfold,” Ryan said.

ReachOut started out with IT Glue, which has helped them simplify access to relevant information at their fingertips. Their previous documentation solutions were not as mature or flexible and were difficult to use. With IT Glue, their documentation is well structured, kept up-to-date and helps them easily navigate through all the data. After having a great experience with IT Glue, they inquired about other Kaseya products and recognized the benefits of using tools that work seamlessly together.

With the IT Glue/BMS integration, ReachOut can automate ticketing by having access to all the relevant information from a single pane of glass. Being able to work from one pane of glass has helped ReachOut process and close tickets more efficiently due to the ability to view auto-suggested documentation pulled in from IT Glue. This makes it possible to resolve tickets quickly and get back to the clients right away.

Ryan added, “what stood out to us about BMS at first was the modern and easy-to-use interface. Secondly, the undeniable benefits of having the whole Kaseya package when integrating with our other products — adding on VSA and bringing in the information already stored in IT Glue definitely helped us with ticket resolution time.”


Ryan highlighted, “the BMS migration experience has been phenomenal, with excellent support and project management from the Kaseya team. It’s a big task to move all of your infrastructures from your current RMM and PSA to a completely different one, while also continuing your day-to-day operations. You also have to take on learning a completely new product and how it works, while getting your team on board with why this change is happening in the first place. But the Kaseya team made this entire process as smooth as it could be.”

“VSA can do so much for you on its own. Then you add BMS and IT Glue, and it’s possible for you to never repeat the same mistake twice because of the automation capabilities between those products and the information stored in each one is available cross-platform. ​The integration is so powerful that it is beyond looking at it as a simple piece of software. It’s as if you have another employee doing all of that work”, said Ryan.

Ryan summed up his experience by saying, “we really appreciate everyone at Kaseya — switching to their products presented us with new and unique opportunities to meet new people and forge new relationships. This is because everyone there that we’ve talked to is truly doing their best to help and ensure we have a great experience.”