MSP SERVICES DIRECTOROffer Services That Will Drive Up Value

MSP Services Directors Can Attract New Clients

The managed services market is evolving quickly. Expand your existing client relationships and attract new clients with managed cloud services, security and advanced monitoring.

Add Advanced Managed Service Capabilities

Offer Advanced Services with Your MSP Platform

Address client needs for MSP business solutions created by megatrends such as application migration migration to the cloud, expanding cyber security threats and the distributed workforce.

  • Migrate and manage Office 365 and SharePoint users
  • Offer identity and access management as a service (IAM)
  • Support your client users no matter where they are located – even off-network

Cost-effectively Deliver Value

Offer MSP Business Solutions that Deliver Value

Offer attractive, stickier service bundles, identify and propose important new projects for your customers, and deliver with greater efficiency.

  • Maximize relationships with existing and new clients
  • Assess customer environments and propose projects
  • Deliver services with high efficiency via automation

Exceed Service Expectations

Satisfy Customer By Exceeding Service Levels

Efficiently deliver the outcomes your customers need and demonstrate your value to drive customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Maximize uptime with policy-driven automation
  • Reduce risk, increase security, enable compliance
  • Report on customer health and service levels

With Kaseya the only limitations are the confines of your imagination."

Kaseya’s Automation Platform now underpins Knowledge I.T’s flagship OneTouch service to monitor and manage the networks of its 70 plus managed service customers. The Kaseya system has allowed Knowledge I.T to transform its service from reactive, to truly proactive network monitoring – enabling the MSP to identify and rectify incidents before any service disruption occurs.

MIKE HOY, Service Director, Knowledge I.T