IT EXECUTIVEMove the Needle for the Business

IT Executives Can Move the Needle

Become a valued and responsive partner to the business who can readily address new IT management requirements and take the lead in driving strategic initiatives that turn IT into a business advantage.

Deliver New IT Services Quickly and Easily

IT Service Management Software

Roll out new IT services, such as mobile access to business applications and new cloud solutions, quickly and with high quality.

  • Apply more resources to new projects
  • Select and manage new cloud services
  • Get new IT services up and running on day one

Exceed Service Expectations and Demonstrate Value

Exceed Expected IT Service Levels

Align with business leaders to ensure that critical business applications exceed expected service levels, while increasing efficiency to control costs.

  • Manage and report on service performance
  • Do more with existing resources
  • Drive efficiency through IT automation

Secure Company Data

IT Management and Security Requirements

Ensure that infrastructure endpoints and users are protected, and the right people have secure access to business applications.

  • Protect users and endpoints from viruses
  • Provide secure mobile access to business applications
  • Increase security with password management

Kaseya shifted our focus from reactive management to proactive management.”

Robust centralized management not only improves our capability to ensure uptime of our kiosks, but it takes a lot of pressure off our regional supervisors, freeing them from hands on management and allowing them to maintain and stock more kiosks.We can then expand within a region more efficiently.

Eric Hoerstein, Vice President of Information Technology, Redbox