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Solulan Leverages Kaseya’s Security and IT Operations Management Solution to Achieve Growth, Efficiency and Competitive Edge


Based in Montreal, Quebec, Solulan is one of Canada’s largest and fastest-growing managed service providers (MSP). They service a variety of small to medium-sized businesses in both French and English, with sophisticated and flexible IT and security management solutions.

What sets Solulan apart from other MSPs in Canada is their dedicated cybersecurity division. Led by a team of certified security professionals, Solulan provides best-in-class services with a layered, security-first approach. At the time of this case study being developed, Solulan is one of the only MSPs in Quebec compliant with CyberSecure Canada.

Solulan’s core values of engagement, integrity and top-level expertise earned them a Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in 2023, and their Blue Diamond status within the Kaseya-Datto Partner Program is a testament to their commitment to being at the top of their game. We spoke to Olivier Hébert, Marketing Director at Solulan, about how the company leverages its expertise, strong values and products from the Kaseya IT operations and security suites to stay at the forefront of IT evolution.


Montreal, Quebec


Solulan is a Montreal-based IT consulting firm specializing in the integration and maintenance of computer systems. The company offers a variety of service packages, including managed services, consulting services, integration and outsourcing mandates, on-call technical support and customized training. Their mission is to assist private and public organizations by offering them professional IT products and services. Uncompromising service quality and customer satisfaction rates form the basis of Solulan’s culture.

"We are ahead of the curve thanks to the support of Datto and Kaseya. We are the first to offer new IT products and services to SMBs and it’s very exciting to be riding shotgun with such a strong vendor on the IT evolution road." Olivier HébertMarketing Director at Solulan


As with any success story comes challenges. Solulan is no stranger to the IT talent shortage that has arrested the industry since COVID-19. It has been particularly challenging for Solulan since robust IT infrastructure has become increasingly essential for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) to scale and profit successfully. The silver lining for Solulan is that although the talent shortage restricted them from scaling at the rapid pace of demand, it allowed them to perfect their service offering and train from within to become exponentially more efficient and specialized.


Today, Solulan is at the forefront of helping Canadian SMBs build a robust cybersecurity system. This includes complying with security requirements like CyberSecure Canada, a cybersecurity certification program for SMBs to enhance their cybersecurity posture, and the complex personal information protection Law 25 that all businesses in Quebec must adhere to as of September 22, 2023. Solulan utilizes numerous solutions across Kaseya’s IT Complete Platform as part of its specialty IT services.

Kaseya’s IT Operations Suite is one of Solulan’s key service offerings. IT Glue’s SOC 2-compliant documentation management platform and collaboration-as-a-service (CaaS) portal My Glue, and network discovery, documentation and diagramming solution Network Glue, are critical for maximizing Solulan’s efficiency and productivity. Since these tools enhance technician efficiency and streamline workflows, they make a winning combination in the hands of the team at Solulan.

Solulan also utilizes Kaseya and Datto’s Unified Backup Suite as a premiere line of defense within their thriving cybersecurity division. The Datto SIRIS and ALTO products are a stronghold for Solulan in ensuring rapid response, minimal downtime and zero lost data should disaster strike in any way, shape or form and at any time. On the detection side of the security equation, Solulan has Kaseya’s Dark Web ID solution deployed to keep an eye 24/7 on all the credentials they manage.

Solulan welcomed news of Kaseya acquiring automated pen testing vendor Vonahi, as they already deployed this innovation solution to provide ongoing pen testing as part of their top-shelf security stack. Bringing Vonahi into the IT Complete fold with new workflow integrations throughout the platform is a huge bonus for the Solulan team.


Solulan has successfully leveraged Kaseya’s integrated stack to expand its operations in the co-managed space. Having a robust IT operation at its core with a dedicated security division has opened up a world of opportunity for Solulan with midsized businesses needing more advanced security expertise. “Kaseya’s integrated stack has helped us package our services in a much more cohesive manner that is set up for scale,” says Hébert. As Solulan looks to innovate its service offerings further, the company expects AI to play a dominant role in the not-so-distant future, mainly as they aim to overcome the skills shortage.

Another driving force of Solulan’s success is its involvement with the Kaseya-Datto Partner Program. As a Blue Diamond Kaseya-Datto partner, Solulan has leveraged numerous tools, resources and MDF (market development funds) to expand its brand, generate more leads and win more deals. “The Kaseya-Datto Partner program has been integral in enhancing our growth rate,” says Hébert, adding, “Having formed this partnership with Datto so many years ago was one of the best decisions Solulan ever made.”

On the back of its exceptional managed services and cybersecurity division, Solulan plans to expand its footprint not only throughout Quebec but across Canada and eventually into the USA. While Solulan currently services a core customer base with 50 to 300 average employees, their investment in a premium IT stack with Kaseya-Datto is designed to cater to customers in the enterprise space in the near future who want sophisticated service and security expertise as well as a collaborative partnership that comes from more hands-on organizations.

“Kaseya is in the driver’s seat with us, and our future is very bright.” Olivier HébertMarketing Director at Solulan