We Hear You

We’ve heard you loud and clear regarding our auto-renewal process, and in response we have some exciting news about immediate changes!

Letter from C.J. Wimley, Kaseya's President and Chief Customer Officer

To Our Valued Customers:

Kaseya has received feedback from several customers about our auto-renewal process, and the desire to make some changes to the mechanics, while maintaining the core elements of the policy:

  • Always receive the lowest possible price,​
  • Do not discontinue service. In the event of an error or oversight on the part of the customer, we do not want to discontinue service without it being the full desire of the customer.​

In order to address some of the mechanics of the process while ensuring that the two core elements are maintained, moving forward, the following adjustments are being made, effective immediately:​

  1. All auto-renew agreements are renewed at the same number of months as the previous agreement.​​
  2. Customers may opt out of our auto-renewal process during the term of their agreement simply by contacting their Kaseya account manager.​​
  3. Customers are now notified 90 days before the renewal date. The frequency of calls and emails during this 90-day notification period has increased 100%.​​
  4. The Kaseya EULA has been modified to reflect these changes.​​

As always, Kaseya is first and foremost a customer-centric company, and we will always listen to our customers and work with them with the goal of ensuring Kaseya customers achieve the highest levels of success possible.


C.J. Wimley
President and Chief Customer Officer​