Tired of the Limitations of LANDESK?

Make the switch to Kaseya VSA and leave the short-comings of LANDESK behind. You’ll no longer wait forever to connect to a machine. Patches will deploy when scheduled and successfully. You’ll be able to deploy advanced policy based automation. Read on for a comparison between VSA and LANDESK, and you will quickly see why it’s time to consider Kaseya VSA.

Try Kaseya VSA and Experience the Difference

We work with MSPs and IT Departments just like yours. We’ve built our entire company around creating solutions that help solve the problems that mean the most to IT professionals. Fast and reliable Live Connect remote control. Powerful Software Management for patching Windows and Mac. Monitoring, Alerting, Automation. Integrated Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware. All supported by resources, pricing, and support that are designed to help you succeed. With Kaseya you’ll have everything you need to scale your IT operations and increase profits. See how VSA compares with the competition-

Limited Endpoint Management focus on Windows Machines
LANDesk starts at $80 per endpoint plus 25% annual maintenance
LANDesk was just firesold to a private equity company
LANDesk requires 30 ports (yes 30!) to be open on every firewall to make the system work.
LANDesk only supports On-Premises deployments
LANDesk uses an old UI which is extremely complex and requires a steep learning curve and difficult to train new techs.
LANDesk has no site for vendor and community pre-built automation meaning you have to do it all yourself.
Health / Stability
Kaseya VSA
Complete Endpoint Management focus on Windows and Macs.
Simple monthly subscription at a fraction of the cost.
Kaseya is stable, growing fast and grew over 50% in 2016
Kaseya’s agent never accepts inbound connections and communicates on a single, encrypted port (5721).
Kaseya provides both SaaS and On-Premises options
Kaseya’s UI is based on Google‘s Material Design, which is instantly familiar and no learning curve.
Kaseya’s Automation Exchange is a continuously expanding app store

Trusted by thousands of
MSPs and IT Departments