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Cortado Mobile Solutions provide easy mobile device management (MDM) for iOS and Android devices. Cortado quickly reduces risks to sensitive corporate data on mobile devices and delivers increased productivity on-the-go.

With just one solution, Cortado MDM delivers all you need to remotely configure iOS and Android devices, streamline the deployment and management of apps, and automatically separate business data from personal data for compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR).

Ensure the security of corporate data and hardware: lost devices can be located remotely, while admins can execute a clean wipe of corporate data at any time, from anywhere. In addition, Cortado MDM-enrolled devices offer protection against factory device resets, guaranteeing control of company-owned devices at all times.

Our intuitive self-service portal and onboarding apps allow users to quickly configure their devices in minutes. Users have confidence that their mobile privacy remains respected.

Cortado Mobile Solutions is guided by the philosophy that the use of iOS and Android’s own security architecture delivers the best balance between user acceptance and security. With our cloud-based mobile device management solution, Cortado MDM, we enable companies, teams and public administrations to improve productivity and secure their corporate data with minimal effort. Cortado MDM is developed and tested in Berlin. Our experts are based around the world in Germany, the USA, UK, Australia and Japan, ensuring availability and support for all our global customers.
Mobile Device Management