Fully Integrated Customer Feedback and CSAT within Kaseya BMS

The new integration between Customer Thermometer and BMS delivers customer feedback directly back into the new Customer Thermometer Survey History tab in BMS. This allows users to see a history of customer satisfaction responses directly within the ticket view of the service desk inside BMS and Vorex.

1-click Ticket Feedback for VSA & BMS

Customer Thermometer allows you to ask recipients for feedback by clicking a single icon inside any type of email. Add 1-click icons (of your choice) to the footer of your ticket threads OR add them to your ticket closure email. Track feedback against multiple VSA & BMS Fields, including ticket ID, primary tech, and contact. The moment a recipient clicks an icon, feedback is registered. There is no additional “click to answer a survey” step. This simple process ensures our response rates always amaze our customers. Setup in minutes. Grab a free unlimited trial today.

Customer Thermometer
Customer Thermometer
Customer Thermometer helps the world’s most customer-obsessed businesses get 1-click email feedback on how they are doing. Whether it’s transactional, monthly or adhoc, we’ve a solution which works. We do this by partnering with the world’s most innovative helpdesk, CRM and PSA (professional services automation) providers. We add additional and unique functionality to their apps, ensuring customers get the perfect feedback solution.
Client Survey / CSatTicket CSAT for VSA & BMS