ThreatLocker® Control Suite

We believe that you should be in control of your business. The choice is yours… Here at ThreatLocker®, we believe that you should choose what’s happening on your network. Join us to regain control of your computer systems from cybercriminals and control your own destiny. ThreatLocker® has built a suite of tools that help businesses, government agencies, and schools to take control of their networks.

  • Easy to set up using the ThreatLocker Integrations page
  • Create Tickets directly within BMS for ThreatLocker requests – the Integration setup page allows you to specify the queue, status, issue type, and priority for all tickets, saving your helpdesk time
  • Map your BMS Accounts to ThreatLocker – match your ThreatLocker organizations with your customers in Manage or create a new ThreatLocker organization with a single click of a button
  • ThreatLocker will update your client contracts with an up-to-date count of licenses used each month – all configured within the Integration setup page, select your ThreatLocker service and which contracts you would like ThreatLocker to update each month.

Get up and running today – ThreatLocker® Control Suite can be deployed in a few minutes, and you will immediately begin seeing what is happening on your computers and be able to take control!

ThreatLocker® takes application control beyond whitelisting. It’s time to take control of what’s important to your business. ThreatLocker provides an application control solution that allows you to choose what executables and libraries are running. Unlike antivirus software which only blocks known threats, ThreatLocker changes the paradigm to only allowing authorized applications, while giving you a complete insight of everything that runs. ThreatLocker® has a real-time audit of everything that is running in your business or school.

ThreatLocker® takes storage control beyond just blocking USB hard drives and gives you granular control over what happens on external storage devices, including network attached storage, USB drives and even secondary hard drives directly connected to your computer. ThreatLocker® Storage Control is an advanced storage control solution that protects information. We give you the tools to control the flow and access of data. You can choose what data can be accessed, or copied, and the applications, users, and computers that can access said data. By using ThreatLocker®, you are in control of your file servers, USB drives, and your data. KNOWLEDGE IS EVERYTHING ThreatLocker® gives you the understanding of what documents are accessed, changed, deleted or moved. Including the user, computer, and application making the change.

Threat Locker
Threat Locker
ThreatLocker® provides a suite of tools that help businesses, government agencies, and schools take control of their networks.
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