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We are investing over $10.5 Million into YOU to help you through this difficult time.

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“You, our customers, have empowered us to build an amazing company over the last 20 years. It’s our turn to give back.”

Fred Voccola
CEO, Kaseya
Government Relief Navigation
Government Relief Navigation
Business Guidance
Financial Assistance
Direct Financial
Help you navigate government assistance

Government Relief Navigation

Government Relief Navigation

We are bringing to bear the full weight of our legal, financial and technological expertise to ensure you don’t miss any of the estimated $1 Trillion in government relief programs. Our team will leverage email, web communications, expert webinars, and personalized guidance to help our customers navigate the bureaucracy, identify, and claim the emergency Small Business Assistance from Federal and Local governments.

We’ll also help uncover existing grants and other sources of aid that might be available from agencies around the world where our customers operate. In addition, we’ve enlisted our network of lawyers, accountants and partners who stand ready to assist you.

Business Guidance
Business Guidance

Kaseya’s Powered Services team has built a central hub to access all of our response assistance, and enlisted Gary Pica of TruMethods to create a special COVID-19 MSP Response Training Module.  This combination of content, guidance and coaching from Kaseya Powered Services will provide you with a blueprint to manage and grow your business through this crisis.

Kaseya is picking up the bill, offering access to Kaseya Powered Services guidance, custom content, Gary Pica’s COVID-19 training modules, and proven repeatable practices that can be the difference between thriving or surviving this business crisis.

Kaseya Powered Services
Sales Training

A growing library of training tools developed by Kaseya Powered Services to help your team develop and strengthen their sales and marketing skills and techniques, especially in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Our team is developing courses to support every skill level, across a wide a variety of topics and tactics. These courses will cover diverse acquisition and retention strategies for essential products and services in this shifting and uncertain market.


Let us be your guest speaker on a webinar to help educate your current and prospective clients on the importance of maintaining an MSP through this trying period, especially in relation to essential services like Security, Compliance, and Backup. The Kaseya Powered Services team has the expertise and experience to highlight your value and ensure you retain reliable customers.


Access COVID19 blueprints packed with powerful sales and marketing methods that will generate new opportunities and enable your team to close more deals. These playbooks contain comprehensive strategies and step by step instructions that, when executed correctly, are proven to yield results.

Gary Pica
Founder & CEO – TruMethods
Expert Advice

Renowned MSP expert Gary Pica will guide you through every aspect of managing your MSP through the COVID-19 impact and beyond. Topics include assessing risk, managing cash, financial modeling, dealing with ticket overload, managing new security threats, retaining current customers, and adding new MSP customers while others are losing them. Learn the top 5 decisions every MSP owner needs to make NOW! Gary has seen this industry through massive shifts in the economy, 9/11, and the ever-changing technology landscape, and is ideally poised to help you weather this storm.

Powered Services Brands

Financial Assistance

Direct Financial Assistance

We have set aside millions of dollars to provide direct financial assistance to our clients, ensuring practical means of weathering this storm and emerging stronger at its conclusion. These programs are personalized to your unique needs, and tailored to afford you the flexibility you need to get through this crisis. Obviously, the response and alignment of each customer’s unique needs against Kaseya’s options for financing, renewals, and other methods to help you through this crisis will take time. Once registered, our dedicated COVID-19 Response Team will prioritize requests and arrange calls to walk you through the options that make the most sense for your business needs. We win ONLY when you win; and our staff is working around the clock to assemble and fund financing programs to help you. We’re in this together!

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