Kaseya Cares

Kaseya Cares, Cooper Cares, and the Disaster Response Team

Emergency response and community support for our valued customers and communities.

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Kaseya Gives Back

“You, our customers and partners, have empowered us to build an amazing company over the last 20 years. It’s our turn to give back.”

Fred Voccola
CEO, Kaseya

Kaseya Cares

Established in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on global businesses, Kaseya invested over $10 million to assist MSP customers who needed help navigating government relief, guiding their businesses and receiving financial assistance. In the years following the onset of the pandemic, we have expanded this program to provide various forms of relief to customers experiencing hardship onset by natural disasters, ransomware attacks, and other high-impact events.

Business Guidance

Business Guidance

The Kaseya Powered Services team has built a central hub with access to all response assistance. This combination of content, guidance, and coaching provides you with a blueprint for managing and growing your business through crisis.

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Financial Assistance

Direct Financial Assistance

We have set aside millions of dollars to provide financial assistance to our clients, ensuring that they can weather the storms that come their way and emerge from them stronger. These programs are tailor-made based on specific customer needs and include options for financing, renewals, and other methods.

Disaster Response Team

The Kaseya Disaster Response Team (DRT) supports partners in times when disaster strikes. While our product and support teams provide direct assistance to MSP customers every day, sometimes more help is needed. Within the DRT, we communicate daily about the status of the disaster, our response and decision-making protocols moving forward.

The DRT assisted those in Texas and Florida during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, respectively, and provided more than 65 partners with DNA devices during 30 days on the ground. Currently, the DRT is hard at work in Florida helping our partners and the communities affected by Hurricane Ian.

Need help?

If you require immediate assistance, contact your support team and note that your issue is a result of Hurricane Ian. Our support teams will be alerted and respond in concert with the DRT and other teams we have mobilized to help.

Cooper Cares

Cooper Cares, in conjunction with the Cooper Voccola Family Foundation, is dedicated to assisting the communities that Kaseya serves with a primary focus on charitable organizations for children, veterans and animals. We recognize the importance of building our communities and strengthening them by providing much needed resources and programs.

Kaseya Cares
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