Professional Services – Cancellation Policy


At Kaseya, we understand that our partners’ schedules can change unexpectedly. That said, it’s also important to acknowledge that our Professional Services engagements involve dedicated resources that are allocated in advance at material cost to Kaseya. In light of the foregoing, our Professional Services Cancellation Policy strives to ensure both operational efficiency and fairness.

This policy covers cancellation and rescheduling of any Kaseya Professional Services engagement, which includes, for example, implementation, onboarding, consulting, migration, training, Expert Assist and K+ Services.

The Cancellation Policy:

No cancellation fees will apply if you cancel or reschedule a Professional Services engagement:

  • that is remote, at least three (3) full days (i.e., 72 hours) prior to the scheduled start date, or
  • that is on-site (your site or Kaseya’s) at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled start date.

If you fail to cancel or reschedule a Professional Services engagement within the notice periods listed above, you will be subject to a cancellation fee that is equal to:

  • For a remote session that is one day or less in length, $250 USD or the cost of the remote session, whichever is lower, or:
  • For an on-site session or an engagement that is more than one day, the full price of the first day of the engagement;
  • And, in all cases, any travel, lodging, license or other third-party expense that Kaseya cannot recover or mitigate.

Payment of the cancellation fee must be made before Kaseya will be required to move forward with the remainder of the engagement.

Should you cancel or reschedule part of a multi-day engagement, Kaseya may, in its discretion, reschedule the remainder of the engagement.

Cancellation and rescheduling request(s) must be submitted via email to the assigned Kaseya Project Manager, with a copy to your Kaseya Account Manager.

Any cancelled or rescheduled Professional Services engagements must be rescheduled by you to a date within six (6) months of the original date, and should you fail to reschedule within such 6 month period, amounts paid for the engagement will not be refunded and forfeited.

Kaseya may, in its discretion and at any time, modify or cancel this policy by posting such updated policy to the internet.