BrightGauge Announces New Integration with BMS by Kaseya Business Intelligence Platform Expands PSA Integrations

Coral Gables, FL – September 12, 2017 – BrightGauge, the business intelligence platform for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), today announced that they would be expanding their PSA integrations to include BMS by Kaseya, the business management solution custom-built to help MSPs manage their business while spending less money on non-revenue-generating tasks. With the additional datasource in place, MSPs will have a more complete view of the metrics that run their business.

The anticipated integration offers a comprehensive data sync from BMS by Kaseya to BrightGauge, giving partners the ability to monitor top-level KPIs or take a detailed look at service trends, alongside data from their RMM, financial applications, CSAT tools, and more. Additionally, the ability to create customized, complex gauges saves MSPs the time and frustration of compiling data manually, such as the Open Tickets by Assignee by Status gauge. This view of ticket trends indicates which Technicians may need additional training to reduce the number of ticket escalations, tracks which Technician is being delayed by customers who haven’t responded to open tickets, and also ensures that the Service Team members are getting an even split of ticket types.

“Today’s MSPs are more serious than ever about using data to drive their business growth, and in order to do that they must be able to eliminate the data silo that exists between the tools in their technology stack,” said BrightGauge coFounder and CEO Brian Dosal. “With this integration, our customers will now have access to even greater insights within their BrightGauge which will empower them to make the best decisions for their business, based on the data at their fingertips.”

“Business intelligence is a critical component that helps MSPs thrive in this competitive market. Our integration with BrightGauge further extends the BMS ecosystem, and provides our collective MSP partners with the data they need to drive better business results,” said Jim Lippie, GM for cloud computing, Kaseya. “BMS is the industry’s only purpose-built PSA for MSPs that delivers the exact tools and resources MSPs need to successfully run their business. The addition of BrightGauge to our partner portfolio is another example of Kaseya’s ongoing commitment to delivering the most functionally rich, innovative and effective solutions to our customers.”

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BrightGauge was started in a Miami-based Managed Services business in 2011, because it was obvious that MSPs needed a better solution for managing data and proving the value of their work to customers. What began as a side project and idea for a client reporting solution has since evolved into the world’s leading business intelligence platform for MSPs. Today, over 1,000 customers around the globe use BrightGauge’s software to understand their data and drive growth with real time dashboards, automated reporting, and goal oriented scorecards. No more logging in and out, toggling windows or juggling multiple platforms – BrightGauge eliminates the data silo so users can save precious time and energy.