Kaseya Unveils Key Product Enhancements to Drive Profitability and Cost-Efficiency

ProfitFuel for MSPs and BudgetFuel for internal IT teams serve as pillars for Kaseya’s IT Complete Platform aimed at helping IT thrive in today’s unpredictable economy

New York and Miami — May 20, 2020 — As part of its first-ever, live streaming, innovation cycle broadcast, Kaseya®, the leading provider of IT infrastructure management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT organizations, today unveiled ProfitFuel and BudgetFuel – the company’s official value propositions for IT Complete, its comprehensive suite of IT tools for monitoring, management, security, cloud, continuity, compliance and more. These two pillars serve as the foundation of Kaseya’s steadfast commitment to quarterly innovation cycles that continuously innovate the platform and further the company’s goal of a modern, comprehensive, workflow integrated, cost-effective platform to serve all SMB IT and MSP needs. Together, ProfitFuel and BudgetFuel solidify Kaseya’s promise that, with IT Complete, users can save money and operate more productively, leading to increased customer acquisition for MSPs and business user satisfaction for internal IT teams.

Headlining Kaseya’s quarterly innovation cycle are several major product releases and feature enhancements. These now quarterly cycles of rapid research and development ensure Kaseya customers have access to the most innovative technologies, cutting-edge products, feature rich enhancements and unrivaled workflow integrations.

“This new world economy has accelerated a full digital transformation for small and mid-sized businesses reminiscent to the enterprise market evolution from years ago, and IT is the center of it all,” said Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya. “IT is now what enables small to mid-sized businesses to exist in this current climate and this has ushered in an era of dependence on SMB IT, where IT service providers now need a new, modern platform to meet this demand. This new platform must be able to deliver a comprehensive set of technologies that allow you to deliver all of the IT infrastructure that your clients or internal users require. It must offer tight workflow integrated tools that allow technicians to be substantially more efficient so that they can increase output and do more with less. It has to be very cost effective enabling you to reduce the cost of your overall IT software kit. That’s what Kaseya delivers with IT Complete.”

IT Complete: ProfitFuel and BudgetFuel

Through its workflow and solution integrations, IT Complete eliminates the “space between,” or the valuable time IT professionals waste moving between disparate applications and processes. With these integrations, users can reclaim an average of 25% of their time back to focus on work that directly impacts their business’ bottom line. Additionally, IT Complete users see an average of 74% higher customer retention and business user satisfaction rates, and spend approximately 33% less than they would with competing point solutions.

IT Complete serves as the fuel to increase an MSP’s profitability by reducing software costs, increasing technician efficiency and powering all the essential IT services small businesses demand today. Similarly, IT Complete allows internal IT teams to free-up resources enabling those teams to better serve their organization.

Together, ProfitFuel and BudgetFuel are the foundation for IT Complete and all product updates and feature enhancements that result from this and future innovation cycles. Other key updates from this innovation cycle include:

Product Updates

  • Kaseya VSA: As the definition of the endpoint has changed to encompass many more devices and network infrastructure, IT professionals are often required to utilize multiple tools in order to manage them. This release of VSA provides a topology map visualization of both the network and endpoint environments to speed troubleshooting, understand asset relationships, and actively manage devices from a single, unified view.
  • Unitrends & Spanning – Unified Backup Portal: Stop wasting time managing all of your backup solutions independently. The Unitrends Unified Backup Portal empowers you to manage all backups from a single portal to perform your appliance, direct to cloud, and Microsoft O365 application backups.
  • IT Glue Password Folder Security: This highly-requested feature gives your organization full control over how you manage password access across your organization with macro (folders) and micro (individual passwords) controls to ensure that credentials map to your specific user and team policies.
  • Unitrends Conditional Alerts: Reduce the noise of backup alerts to only the ones you need to take action on. With this feature, Unitrends customers can specify conditions for alerts giving them complete control to determine when administrators need to take action.
  • Unitrends Helix: Announced in April, Unitrends Helix delivers a self-healing remediation platform powered by AI that monitors and automatically fixes the most common backup issues facing IT administrators when managing backups.
  • RapidFire Tools Microsoft Cloud Assessment: This new module for Network Detective focuses on aspects of Microsoft Cloud related to Office 365 and Azure AD. The assessment covers Azure AD, SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook Mail and Microsoft Teams. Resulting reports document and assess the configuration of the various Microsoft Cloud aspects and include a Risk Report and Management Plan similar to other Network Detective modules.
  • RapidFire Tools Network Detective Work from Home: Also released in April, Network Detective Work from Home features a self-service portal to empower employees, who are working off home computers, to initiate network and security scans to be analyzed and documented by their companies’ IT support team before they connect to the corporate network. With Network Detective WFH, business owners can have peace of mind knowing that the integrity of their IT infrastructure remains in place, and also save money and reduce IT workload by allowing employees to use home computers and networks.
  • Spanning Dark Web Monitoring: Released in March, Spanning Dark Web Monitoring is a first-to-market Dark Web Monitoring solution for Microsoft Office 365 — and, in June, GSuite. It’s the only tool of its kind to combine world-class backup and restore functionality for Office 365 and GSuite with sophisticated Dark Web intelligence and search capabilities to identify, analyze and proactively monitor for an organization’s compromised or stolen employee data.

Workflow Integrations

  • Kaseya VSA & Kaseya BMS – Automated Remediation: Improve the productivity of technicians with the ability to create automated remediation. Technicians create workflow rules to automatically run endpoint scripts in BMS (via Agent Procedures in VSA) and remediate issues based on IT tickets. This greatly reduces the number of manual actions technicians need to take.
  • Kaseya VSA & IT Glue – Execute VSA Agent Procedures within IT Glue: Enhance technician productivity by allowing the execution of VSA automation from within IT Glue – removing the space between IT Glue and VSA. This integration enables technicians to run VSA agent procedures for specific configurations directly within the IT Glue platform.
  • Kaseya BMS & IT Glue – Suggested Documentation: Get “suggested documentation” from IT Glue directly within the BMS ticket system based on the problem type to quickly guide technicians to problem resolution.
  • Unitrends MSP & Kaseya VSA – Advanced Integration: This advanced integration allows you to reduce the time needed to manage your backups by 25% with alerting, organization sync, and deployment built into VSA that provides MSPs with greater automation to manage backups across their customer base.
  • IT Glue & Unitrends MSP: Cut down on the time it takes to manage backup by automating the documentation of all your backup information without ever leaving IT Glue. Administrators can see the status of all their backups and protected machines directly from the IT Glue interface they already use.

To learn more about the latest IT Complete updates, join Kaseya CEO, Fred Voccola and product leadership for an inside look at the newest product announcements and feature enhancements during a two-hour live broadcast today, Wednesday, May 20, at 11:00 a.m. EDT. The webcast will also be rebroadcasted this evening at 7:00pm EDT. Register at: https://info.kaseya.com/keynote-it-roadmap-q2-2020.html

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