Kaseya quote manager

MSP Quoting Software for Streamlined Sales and Procurement

Revolutionize sales with Kaseya Quote Manager. Transform your sales process. Streamline quoting, procurement and boost revenue. Your strategic advantage in sales awaits.

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Purpose-Built to Maximize MSP Sales

Unlock unprecedented profitability with our intuitive cloud platform, enabling all staff to effortlessly quote and sell, driving MSP success.

Simplify and Expedite the Quoting Process

Our intuitive drag-and-drop editor streamlines quote creation, ensuring polished, branded quotes. Say goodbye to the 20-minute ordeal – a time-saving solution for MSPs. Enhance efficiency, reduce rebuilds and expedite sales with modern electronic quotes.

Boost Productivity with Automated Procurement

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming hardware procurement. Our automation eliminates rework, streamlining the process for greater efficiency. While traditional tools lack electronic ordering, we offer this modern solution to reduce manual steps and supercharge your productivity.

Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Speed up approvals with mobile-friendly quotes and digital signatures. Enhance customer satisfaction with reliability, speedy responses, and 1-hour onboarding. Elevate service and customer satisfaction by choosing top-tier hardware from our network of leading vendors and supplier integrations.

Drive Efficiency with Seamless Integrations

Kaseya Quote Manager syncs proposals to opportunities and assigns sales orders to PSA tickets. Accurate accounts payable records are seamlessly integrated with Quickbooks Online or Xero. Connect effortlessly with hundreds of vendors and suppliers for streamlined operations.

Quote, Sell and Procure with Ease

Kaseya Quote Manager simplifies your quoting and procurement processes. Create professional quotes quickly with our intuitive editor, eliminating traditional time-sinks. Our automated procurement reduces manual steps, saving time and energy. Mobile-friendly quotes with digital signatures speed up approvals, enhancing customer satisfaction. We seamlessly integrate with vendors and suppliers, automating various tasks. Discover how we make MSP sales and operations easier in our explainer video.

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Accelerate Your
Sales Motion

Are quoting and ordering slowing you down? We streamline tasks so you can focus on core IT services. Hardware support can consume time and impact trust, but our solution simplifies these challenges, saving time and strengthening client relationships while maintaining your core business objectives.

30-Second Quote Generation

Experience the speed of 30-second quote creation. Send device-responsive proposals effortlessly while producing custom, professional-looking documents in just seconds.

Locate and Sell Products in Minutes

Equip your team to discover and sell products in under two minutes. Quickly find the right products for your clients with advanced, parameter-based search cross multiple supplier feeds.

Effortless Buying Guidance

Simplify hardware jargon with embedded rich media and interactive content. Say goodbye to choice paralysis, and empower your customers to make informed decisions with confidence, all supported by your expert guidance.

Instant Procurement

Automate procurement instantly to reduce rework. Streamline your processes effortlessly for more efficient operations.

Transparent Pricing and Stock Availability

Reduce OPEX with an intelligent platform that procures products based on availability, price and supplier preferences at the time of quote approval to maximize margins with zero effort.

Incremental Revenue Generation with eCommerce

Elevate your revenue stream with a client eCommerce portal, enabling convenient purchases of approved solutions with upfront payment options. Optimize profits with 24/7 hardware sales growth through a low-touch branded eCommerce storefront.

Capture the Growing $51 Billion Hardware Opportunity

Propel adoption of business-grade hardware and establish a foundation for profitable recurring services

Don’t let your customers risk outdated hardware. Empower customers to purchase all their IT from you. Remove consumer-grade equipment for higher CSAT scores and 50% fewer tickets. Offer business-grade solutions, cut downtime and tap into the $51 billion IT hardware market.

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See How MSPs Are Creating a
Smoother, More Efficient and More Profitable Sales Journey

Witness real-world success stories from powerhouse MSPs. From simplifying quoting and procurement to significant time savings, these MSPs have tripled their sales pipelines and doubled product sales, capturing missed revenue with ease.

Blackbird IT

Blackbird IT chose Kaseya Quote Manger to simplify quoting and procurement, resulting in over $10,000 of incremental product sales per month. It has become a key differentiator, making it easier for clients to buy and helping them win new business.

ITECH Solutions

Kaseya Quote Manager saved ITECH Solutions significant time, reducing quote creation from 15 minutes to 1 minute and complex quotes from an hour to five minutes. It also tripled their sales pipeline and doubled product sales in six months.

Calvert Technologies

Kaseya Quote Manager has significantly improved Calvert Technologies’ quoting efficiency, boosting product revenue and client responsiveness. With live data feeds and an intuitive UI, the time-consuming process now takes minutes or seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions About MSP Quoting and Procurement

MSP quoting refers to the process of generating cost estimates or price quotations for IT hardware, software or services that managed service providers MSPs offer to their clients. It involves creating detailed proposals that outline the pricing and specifications of the solutions to be provided. This process helps MSPs streamline their sales processes and provide accurate pricing information to their clients.

MSP procurement is the practice of acquiring IT hardware, software and services on behalf of clients of MSPs. It involves the selection, purchasing and delivery of necessary technology products and solutions to meet the specific needs of the clients. It often includes activities like researching suppliers, negotiating contracts, managing vendor relationships and maintaining inventory.

MSP quoting and procurement software is a specialized technology solution designed for MSPs to streamline the processes of creating quotes and procuring IT products and services on behalf of their clients. This software typically includes features that allow MSPs to efficiently generate quotes, manage pricing, communicate with vendors and facilitate the procurement of hardware, software and services for their clients.

MSP quoting and procurement software is essential for streamlining operations, improving efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing client satisfaction. It provides accuracy in quotes and procurement, helping MSPs outpace competitors and maintain a competitive edge, ultimately driving business growth.