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Maximize IT Efficiency with Remote Control

Save Valuable Time
Save Valuable Time

Access all endpoints securely, quickly and without impacting user productivity. Resolve end user issues in real time.

Manage Devices Anywhere
Manage Devices Anywhere

Manage devices regardless of location, even over high latency networks. Access devices behind firewalls and at home.

Securely Access Endpoints
Securely Access Endpoints

Securely and reliably access endpoints with role-based and policy based control over who has authority.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Improve Customer Satisfaction

Use one-click script execution to resolve common issues even before end users are affected, leading to increased end user satisfaction.

Remote Control

Connect with your end users, and remotely troubleshoot and manage their devices regardless of location.

Live Connect

This stealth-mode remote control tool features an array of gadgets to help maximize service quality and IT efficiency without disturbing end-users.

Remote control session to manage agents remotely and quickly resolve incidents issues using Kaseya VSA

What can Remote Management Software do for me?

Remote Control Sessions

Remote Control enables the technician to access the remote computer collaboratively with the end user.

Private Remote Control Sessions in Windows

Establish private remote control sessions on Windows-based servers or workstations with full console access.

Live Connect

Remotely access endpoints and work behind the scenes without disrupting the end user.

Maintain Compliance

Track and report on remote control sessions by admin or machine, and per month, week or day, with a history of access to ensure regulatory compliance requirements are met.

Quickly Resolve Incidents

Shadow end-user terminal server sessions to more easily identify and resolve user issues.

Latency Oversight

Show session latency stats during the remote-control session so administrators are aware of the connection strength and its impact.

Multiple Monitors Supported

View every screen on remote endpoint for power users with multi-display setups.

Featured Case Study

People’s Bank and Trust Turns to Kaseya to Provide a Simplified IT Experience

People’s Bank and Trust Company, a community-based bank with nine locations, has a heritage of service to the customer as its primary objective. They selected Kaseya’s IT systems management solution to monitor and control their distributed IT infrastructure.

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Seamless Integration with BMS / Vorex

Easily access Kaseya VSA’s Live Connect feature from your BMS or Vorex service desk solution with one click of a button. Technicians can efficiently troubleshoot issues and resolve service tickets by remotely accessing the endpoint. Shorten your Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) with Kaseya VSA. Download our Omni IT Product Brief to learn more about our integrated solutions.

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