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VSA 10 is ready to empower you to automate more and stress less

VSA 10 offers extensive automation, extraordinary user experience, exceptional security and executive reporting capabilities. It’s the power of VSA 9 streamlined into an experience that new customers and veterans alike will love.

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Why Upgrade to VSA 10?

Good news! VSA 10 is all the power of VSA 9 streamlined into a nimble, feature-rich experience that new and veteran customers alike will love. 
While VSA 10 is simply the next version of VSA, there’s a lot to be excited about including market-defining enhancements such as:

Truly Easy Automation

VSA empowers you to automate more than you ever thought possible through a truly easy automation workflow builder, the largest out-of-the-box script library, and real ticket auto-remediation.

Best-in-Class Mobile App

Whether you need to remote control a laptop from the beach or build a new automated workflow on the train; the VSA mobile app empowers you to manage any endpoint from anywhere.

Enterprise-Grade Reporting

Automate the preparation and delivery of reports that demonstrate IT’s value with a library of standardized reports that are easily customizable through a drag and drop report designer.

Mobile Device Management

Manage Macs, iPhones, iPads, Apple TV’s, and even Apple Watches from VSA 10. Understand who has what device and where it is. Configure, harden, and patch mobile devices faster and easier than ever before.

VSA 10 is Trusted By Businesses Like Yours

Don’t take our word for it though! Check out what our partners are saying about how upgrading to VSA 10  has transformed their businesses by automating more, improving efficiency, and reducing technician complaints.

"Kaseya has a broad umbrella of technical tools, and at the same time, Logically has a need to standardize our tech stack on best-of-breed solutions while minimizing the number of vendor relationships to maintain. So, it’s just the marrying of those two. To me, this has been the definition of a partnership,” Chris explained, adding “Kaseya is the difference between a partner and just another tech vendor."

Chris Morton

Chief Information Officer

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"We chose to build the majority of our stack with Kaseya because we found that our goals and values directly aligned with their products, services and people."

Brandon Fogliano

Director of Technology,
Corporate Technologies Group

"Kaseya's products are mature so you can put what you need in, and get out what you need tenfold"

Rick Jordan

CEO and Founder,
ReachOut Technology

"The synergy between Vorex, IT Glue and VSA allowed us to scale our service level to that of a 10-12 person IT department with just the two of us. Also, being able to consolidate (and trust) billing has saved us more than 50 hours per month alone."

John Tkalcich

Director of Technology,
Staples-Motley School District

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Kaseya undertook a 36-month strategic initiative to evolve VSA into a true uRMM™ that customers love both the experience and power of equally.

There are no additional costs to upgrade to VSA 10. The migration is a mostly automated process with support throughout from our team of expert VSA 10 engineers. We have limited free resources to provide white glove upgrade support, so we recommend you reserve your upgrade soon.

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A Sneak Peak of What to Look Forward to in VSA 10

While VSA has been the most powerful, market leading RMM for many years, its mature architecture and legacy interface are ripe for a refresh in order to take development and functionality to new heights.

We’ve curated some short demo videos that highlight the key capabilities VSA Version 10.0 offers to give you a quick look under the hood at how things work and a feel for how VSA can be customized to suit your unique IT needs.

Asset Management and Discovery

Endpoint Security Management

Advanced Policy Management

Monitoring and Management

Patch and Software Management

Remote Control with Chat

VSA 10 Upgrade Process Overview

VSA 10 is available for SaaS and On Premises customers alike to automate more and stress less. During your upgrade the Upgrade Wizard will populate your VSA 10 instance with your VSA 9 configurations, client sites, endpoints, policies, and automation scripts.

The Upgrade Wizard supports SaaS to SaaS, On Prem to On Prem, and On Prem to SaaS upgrades. During the upgrade process we will review your product telemetry and match your required capabilities to the current release. You can use both VSA 9 and VSA 10 simultaneously to ensure there is no interruption to your business.

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What's New in VSA 10?

From truly easy automation, to a best-in-class mobile app, to even end user chat and concurrent multi-monitor support, there’s a lot to look forward to with VSA 10.

Check out the VSA 10 What’s New for all the news on recent innovations and integrations.

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Helpful Resources During the Upgrade

It’s vital that the team you trust to manage your IT environment is an expert in the same stack of technology you use. That’s why we have put together this list of helpful resources to assist during your upgrade.

Weekly Overview Webinars with Paul Farr, EVP of RMM

Looking for quick updates on VSA 10’s roadmap? This weekly webinar series hosted by a c-suite Kaseya exec is your opportunity to hear about the newest innovations and integrations coming to VSA 10. Additionally there is a live demo of VSA 10 each webinar that varies according to user requests.

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Tech Jams hosted by Engineers for Engineers

Tech Jams are webinar series hosted by Kaseya’s customer success engineering team that deep dives into hands on solutions for common IT problems. These webinars are use case driven and allot a third of the webinar time for live user questions. Come with your hardest questions!

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Free Training on Kaseya University

IT professionals love certifications. We do too! That’s why we’re offering free certified technician training to all customers upgrading from VSA 9 to VSA 10.

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IT Professionals Love VSA

Thousands of businesses have already upgraded to 
VSA 10 to monitor, manage, secure, and automate 
their IT ecosystem.

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VSA 10 Upgrade - Frequently Asked Questions

VSA 10 is a unified remote monitoring and management solution that empowers IT professionals to monitor, manage, and secure every piece of technology that their business uses. VSA is simply the next generation of VSA, but with a gorgeous new UI/UX, truly easy automation, a best-in-class mobile app, and mobile device management.

"Simply because it is the best and most comprehensive RMM in the industry. Kaseya has invested significantly in the VSA 10 platform to realize our vision of true Unified RMM. VSA 10 is the power of VSA streamlined into an experience that both veterans and new customers alike will love. VSA 10 modernizes the best of VSA 9.5 including Remote Control, Patch Management, and Automation, while re-imagining and improving the ease of use of Policy, Automation, and Reporting.

VSA 10 has many advanced, and differentiating capabilities, such as native Mobile Device Management, Advanced Reporting, the largest in-app Automation Library, Network Device Management, and Advanced Software Management. "

Yes the upgrade from VSA 9 to VSA 10 is free of charge.

We will continue to support VSA 9 for the foreseeable future. We have no plans to end of life or sunset VSA 9 at this time.

Nope, you can use VSA 9 and VSA 10 concurrently to ensure no interruption to your business during the upgrade pocess. The only interruption could be around the minimal training time to get your team up to speed, but we recommend you do that during the concurrent VSA 9 and VSA 10 usage period.  

During the upgrade process, the VSA 10 upgrade wizard will populate your VSA 10 instance with your VSA 9 configurations, organizations, endpoints, policies monitoring sets, and automated agent procedures. You will also be assigned an engineer to support you throughout your upgrade.

No, but you're going to want to. While we do see every customer eventually moving over from VSA 9 to VSA 10, we do not want this upgrade to be arduous for you or your business. The last step of the upgrade process is a final Go/No Go before we archive your VSA 9 instance.

No, VSA 10 and Pulseway are different products. Kaseya acquired the rights to the Pulseway platform to independently begin building the next generation of VSA several years ago. VSA and Pulseway have separate roadmaps that each address the needs of their unique user bases.