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2018 IT Operations Survey Report: IT Strategy Trends

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For the fourth consecutive year, Kaseya surveyed midmarket IT professionals throughout the world about their organization’s IT operations and practices. This year, over 1,200 respondents from 40 industries and more than 20 countries shared their perceptions with us.

IT carries a heavy burden. It is tasked with everything from project management to cloud infrastructure operations to mobile device management and more. IT organizations are expected to maintain and secure the current infrastructure, perform upgrades and expansion as needed, sustain high levels of service availability and aid users, provide technology advice and support for new business requirements, configure and manage new applications, and the list goes on.

At the same time, IT organizations must increasingly contend with tighter budgets, fewer resources, increased security threats, and an expectation to contribute strategically to the business.

As if that’s not enough, technology has made it possible for Midsize Enterprises to compete with larger players. In many ways, size matters less than ever. This has brought numerous opportunities along with a host of challenges.

This year’s results reveal a number of trends emerging in response, indicating change is afoot in the IT operations landscape.

  • The conversation concerning an operationally mature operation has largely plateaued.
  • Instead, IT is now valued as a strategic business driver, largely due to its ability to secure and protect the network against outages.
  • IT’s priorities have shifted to be almost singularly focused on network and data protection.

Download the 2018 IT Operations Benchmark Survey Results Report to see how IT organizations are dealing with this new reality.