Service Desk Time Waste Calculator

The Service Desk Time Waste Calculator will help you determine the costs of ticketing and billing inefficiency in your business.

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Cost of Time wasted due to inefficient service desk on a monthly basis

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Cost of Time wasted due to manual billing on a monthly basis

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Monthly cost of time wasted

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“ReachOut can automate ticketing by having access to all the relevant information from a single pane of glass. Being able to work from one pane of glass has helped ReachOut process and close tickets more efficiently and get back to the clients right away. Our ticket response time is a minute and a half, literally. We track this on a weekly basis.”

Rick Jordan
Founder & CEO of ReachOut Technology

"Billing used to be hours of grueling review of service labor provided the prior week by a dozen trained men now just takes under three minutes with BMS."

Joseph Squicciarini
CEO and Founder, Quo Vadis

See how you can cut the time waste in your service desk.