Kaseya DattoCon Day 2 Highlights: Titans of MSP, Cybersecurity Insights & Looking Ahead

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Welcome back to our journey through Kaseya DattoCon 2023, which took place right in Kaseya’s hometown city of Miami. Day two was packed with enlightening sessions and discussions that left attendees buzzing with insights and inspiration. In this recap, we’ll dive into the highlights of the day, from the Titans of MSP panel featuring industry leaders to a cybersecurity session that shed light on future trends. Plus, we’ll wrap up with some closing remarks from Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya. Get ready to explore the key takeaways and exciting moments from this eventful day.

Titans of MSP Panel with Host Robin Robins

The Titans of MSP panel, hosted by Robin Robins, CEO, and Founder of Technology Marketing Toolkit and MSP Success Magazine, was a notable highlight of the event. The panel introduced industry leaders nominated by Kaseya as Titans of the MSP industry. Attendees had the opportunity to cast their votes for their preferred titan. The panelists and award winner for this session included:

Panelist 1: Rob Stephenson, CEO of Thrive

Rob shared insights into Thrive, a global MSP with 12,000 employees, predominantly serving clients on the East Coast of the U.S. His key message revolved around the importance of MSP owners having a clear plan for their business, whether for successful long-term operations or strategic growth through avenues like venture capital or private equity.

Panelist 2: Will Slappey, CEO of IT Voice

Will discussed IT Voice’s journey of expansion through acquisitions and the intricacies of managing growth. He emphasized the necessity of clear planning and communication during acquisitions and shared strategies for boosting profitability and confidence.

Panelist 3: Ryan Vestby, CEO of VC3

Ryan provided insights into VC3, a company operating in over 30 states with $50 million in revenue. He highlighted the benefits of capital partners in the MSP industry and the importance of selecting the right partner for successful acquisitions.

Panelist 4: Jason Waldrop, President of Managed Services Red River

Jason spoke about the diverse lines of business at Red River and the cyclical nature of business growth. He discussed the challenges and opportunities related to acquiring smaller MSPs and transitioning from owner-driven sales to dedicated sales teams.

Panelist 5: Jesus Peña, CXO of UDT

Jesus shared UDT’s unique journey in three different markets with $450 million in revenue. He emphasized the need for MSPs to have a clear plan and build businesses capable of independent operation. Strategies to enhance EBITDA and the benefits of offering full platforms to clients were also discussed.

MSP Titan of the Year Award Winner

In an exciting moment, Jesus Peña, CXO of UDT, emerged as the MSP Titan of the Year, based on votes from Kaseya DattoCon 2023 attendees.

Cybersecurity & the Future of MSSP Session by Jason Manar

Jason Manar, Chief Information Security Officer at Kaseya, conducted a session focused on cybersecurity trends and the role of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). Attendees gained insights into past, present and future cybersecurity challenges. Key takeaways from the session include:

  • Jason underscored the importance of using data to predict future cybersecurity trends, drawing inspiration from Albert Einstein’s quote.
  • The session highlighted cybersecurity threats prevalent in 2021, such as ransomware, social engineering, and credential stuffing.
  • Common cyberattacks on MSPs today, including phishing, compromised devices and credential theft, were discussed.
  • Jason emphasized the significance of adequate security measures and the frequency of cyberattacks in successful breach attempts.
  • The concept of pretexting was explained using a real-world example, illustrating the subtlety and sophistication of phishing attacks.
  • The session explored the high costs associated with cyber incidents and the global impact of cybercrime, emphasizing the need for vigilance and preparation.
  • Future cybersecurity trends, including the integration of AI and machine learning, were discussed. Jason stressed the importance of secure data management in the AI era.

Closing Remarks by Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya

Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya, delivered closing remarks that expressed gratitude for the event’s success and reflected on the company’s journey, particularly the merger with Datto. Key points from his address include:

  • Fred acknowledged the dedication and effort invested in organizing the event, which marked a significant milestone as the first-ever event held at the home of Kaseya.
  • He highlighted the achievements of Kaseya and Datto following their merger, resulting in a fully integrated platform designed to empower MSPs with automation and intelligence.
  • Fred reaffirmed Kaseya’s commitment to partner success and encouraged open feedback from the community.
  • He hinted at an upcoming major announcement scheduled for the Connect Global event in April, suggesting it would surpass the significance of the Datto acquisition, generating anticipation among attendees.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all the attendees who made Kaseya DattoCon 2023 a resounding success. Your participation, insights and enthusiasm have been invaluable. As we continue our journey together, we invite you to stay tuned for more exciting announcements and innovations from Kaseya that will shape the future of the MSP industry. Your partnership and collaboration drive our commitment to excellence, and we look forward to the promising road ahead.

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