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Account Management / Sales

Our account management team are experts in IT security solutions, managing and growing key client accounts, driving customer success and solidifying Kaseya’s industry leadership.

Business Operations

The backbone of Kaseya, managing internal and external financial decisions to support the company’s overall operations.

Customer Support

Dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, our support team provides expert assistance for Kaseya’s range of IT solutions.


Innovators at the forefront, our engineering team develops cutting-edge solutions to propel Kaseya into the future of IT management.


Our finance department plays a fundamental role in making financial decisions for Kaseya’s internal and external affairs.

Human Resources

As Kaseya expands, our HR team identifies and fosters fresh talent, playing a crucial role in creating an exceptional work environment.

Information Security

Our information security team are the guardians of Kaseya’s digital landscape, ensuring the security and integrity of our operations.

Marketing: Corporate

Our Corporate Communications team is responsible for public relations, social media, marketing efforts and more to position Kaseya as an industry leader.

Marketing: Demand Generation

Drives global demand through strategic marketing campaigns to amplify the reach of Kaseya’s IT solutions.

Marketing: Product

Focuses on crafting compelling content and global demand generation campaigns for Kaseya’s leading IT solutions targeting MSPs and SMBs.


Integral to all aspects of Kaseya’s diverse operations, our legal team drives innovation and ensures effective global operations.


At the core of product development, our team creates solutions that shape the future of IT management.


Our renewals team ensures ongoing customer satisfaction by managing solution renewals and maintaining strong client relationships.

Sales Enablement

Kaseya’s sales enablement team equips our sales team with the strategic resources they need to excel at Kasya, from tools to content and beyond.

Sales Strategy

Shapes the overarching sales strategy to drive Kaseya’s growth and market presence.

Solution Specialists

Our solution specialists are experts in Kaseya’s solutions, guiding clients on the best implementation for their unique needs.

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

Drives Kaseya’s growth by identifying and recruiting top talent to contribute to our customer-centric goals.