Case Study

Achievement First Public Charter Schools


Prior to using Kaseya VSA, Achievement First, a network of nonprofit, high-performing, college-preparatory, K-12 public charter schools in the U.S., had been facing IT budget and resource constraints as they grew exponentially. Learn how Kaseya VSA enabled their IT team to scale and “do more with less.”


Achievement First Public Charter Schools
New Haven, Connecticut, United States


A network of public charter schools located in Connecticut, New York (Brooklyn), and Rhode Island, Achievement First serves about 15,000 students in 37 schools. It believes in providing equal opportunity to academic excellence for all students regardless of race or income.

The remote monitoring functionality of Kaseya VSA is top-notch, especially a recent feature of VSA that allows me to access a system remotely with just a link and without even having to install an agent is the best. Justin SchneiderAssociate Director of IT


  • Setting up remote management of IT systems
  • Inventory of systems being done manually with spreadsheets
  • IT staffing and budget constraints

Achievement First is a network of nonprofit, high-performing, college-preparatory, K-12 public charter schools in Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island. Justin Schneider, Associate Director of IT at Achievement First, leads a team of about 10 IT technicians who use Kaseya VSA’s on-premise solution to manage computer devices across all schools in the network. With the network of schools constantly growing at an exponential level, prior to using Kaseya VSA, the IT Team had been facing challenges with staffing and budget constraints. With Kaseya VSA, Justin and his team have become more efficient at managing their IT systems remotely without expanding the team. “Kaseya VSA’s cost-effective pricing and technical support offered by the team were major reasons for opting for Kaseya,” says Justin when asked about why the team chose Kaseya for their IT needs.


  • Kaseya VSA’s automation capabilities allow technicians to set up customizable agent procedures that automate most of their tasks, freeing up their time and increasing their efficiency.
  • VSA enables technicians to scale and do more with less.
  • With VSA, technicians can view their entire IT environment from a single dashboard. They can discover and monitor all on- and off-network devices.

Automation With Kaseya VSA

The IT team at Achievement First has made the best use of the automation capabilities of Kaseya VSA by automating pre-built agent procedures for software installs, updates, maintenance and clean up. They have also automated audit of the systems. “The pre-built agent procedures are robust and customizable and really easy to implement,” says Justin Schneider.

Visibility With Agent Dashboard

Kaseya VSA’s agent dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of all the systems at Achievement First, allowing the IT team to remotely control and monitor any device. As the Associate Director of IT, Justin says that it is necessary for him to have all agent information at one place, which is what VSA dashboard provides. It also enables him to view real-time agent online/offline status.

What's Next

Justin Schneider’s experience with Kaseya over the last nine years has been overwhelmingly positive. He says, “I’ve never had any reason to look for an alternative and I haven’t seen any other product that has wowed me.”

“I’m looking to customize agent procedures more deeply to control different aspects of an end user’s laptop. I am looking forward to updating the VSA instance and to see how the new network topology map works,” he concludes.