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Credo Technology Leverages Kaseya’s Seamless Workflow Integration


Credo Technology Group, LLC’s team of six relies on automation to help maximize their time. Given that the company has a large client base, they must ensure that their tool stack can fulfill simpler, everyday tasks. This way, Credo Technology Group, LLC can focus on more complex tasks and continue its journey towards growing as a business instead of wasting precious time.

With their previous PSA and RMM solutions, Credo Technology Group, LLC lacked the level of connectivity in the form of automation and seamless workflows, which was impeding their growth.


Credo Technology Group, LLC


Credo Technology Group, LLC is a Northern Nevada-based MSP that has been servicing its loyal client base since 2010. Even in the most challenging times, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Credo Technology Group, LLC saw zero churn. This is because the company helps clients in many different ways, from web design to VoIP telephony and other IT managed services.

Currently, they’re focused on scaling and expanding their client base. As such, Credo Technology Group, LLC relies on the power of automation to ensure all their tools work well together to fulfill their growth goals.

Streamlined workflows and billing with BMS

A solid foundation is imperative for Credo Technology Group, LLC’s growth strategy and that starts with business operations and client relationships including contracts, ticketing and billing — the core functionalities of a modern PSA.

BMS allows Credo Technology Group, LLC to stack contacts (create default contract and default fallback contract) and keep things modular so they can make necessary changes as needed. “Given that the user count is tied directly to VSA, the billing process is automated right from the posting step to creating an invoice,” said Eric Johnson, President of Credo Technology Group, LLC.

Another key benefit of BMS is the granularity of workflows that allows Credo Technology Group, LLC to customize and modernize its ticketing workflows based on the unique requirements of its organization. “The workflows in BMS are really well done. I love the granularity,” added Eric.

Seamless ticketing with IT Glue, BMS and VSA integration

The strong integration between IT Glue and BMS allows technicians to choose their preferred tool to process tickets. The same ticket capabilities are now available directly in IT Glue as they are in BMS. “In order to resolve a ticket, you first need to access data from your documentation tool anyway, so it makes sense to just stay in the same window. And then you add the capability to run a VSA agent procedure directly from BMS, it really helps our service desk team,” shared Eric.

“With Kaseya, we’ve been able to significantly improve our ticket resolution time. BMS enforces more details in our help desk process, and now it’s easier than ever to find those details and other relevant information with IT Glue,” added Eric.

A tool stack that is well connected and helps everyday operational efficiency has enabled Credo Technology Group, LLC to continue providing its clients with quality services. Automation is easy when you have a tool stack built on flawless integrations.