Case Study

From Cyber Warfare to MSP Innovation: Xonicwave’s ProfitFuel Success Story


Xonicwave was founded in 2004 by Chad Moore, a former cyber warfare expert for the U.S. Air Force. After years of pen testing and identifying vulnerabilities in the largest unclassified U.S. network, Moore transitioned to management consulting with International Network Services, where he saw a unique opportunity to bring Fortune 1000 enterprise tech services to smaller companies. Xonicwave was born from the idea of delivering top-tier managed IT services without outsourcing. Moore’s first hire was Kyle Marshall, who remains his right-hand man today. “Kyle and I are like peanut butter and jelly,” says Moore. “I would not have been able to grow Xonicwave to what it is today without him.” In addition to Kyle, Xonicwave has a team of five top-tier technicians, providing 75% of their services across the entire U.S. with a notable focus on client profile rather than specific verticals, which Moore attributes to the company’s long-term customer base and high retention rate.


San Diego, Calif


Xonicwave is a premier managed service provider (MSP) based in Southern California specializing in delivering enterprise-grade technology services to small and midsize businesses (SMBs) throughout the United States. Xonicwave prides itself on its first-class service delivery and commitment to quality, which is reflected in the company’s 93% retention rate. With offices in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and soon Florida, Xonicwave serves clients nationwide, with a core focus on people and leadership to drive success.

“ProfitFuel ended up being an absolute game-changer for Xonicwave. I was able to reduce our tool cost by 32% while significantly expanding the depth and breadth of service to our customers.” Chad MooreCEO & Founder


Xonicwave’s journey with Kaseya theoretically began in 2006 with Autotask, many years before it was part of Kaseya’s IT Complete platform. Moore initially adopted Autotask as a single tool to improve efficiency and ticket management. However, as technology evolved over the years, so did Xonicwave’s needs. By 2022, Xonicwave was juggling 12 different vendors, leading to debilitating vendor fatigue and opportunity loss. The company’s existing IT and security management tools, including a long-standing commitment to ConnectWise for RMM, help desk, and NOC services, were no longer meeting their needs. While these tools helped Xonicwave grow in the early 2000s, they had not evolved in years, and their service quality simply did not align with price increases, prompting Xonicwave to seek a better solution.

“Our partnership with Kaseya is more than just a vendor relationship. It’s a true collaboration where Kaseya’s entire team, from the C-suite down to account management, is genuinely invested in Xonicwave’s success.” Chad MooreCEO & Founder


When Moore first engaged with Kaseya, he was immediately captivated by the concept of a single integrated platform for unified tool management, IT Complete. His account manager signed him up for a ProfitFuel exercise to get a clear picture of his toolset needs and expected savings. After seeing that he could optimize Xonicwave’s toolset and shave over 30% off his total tool cost, he was hooked. This kickstarted a full transition to Kaseya’s IT Complete platform, which included implementing 18 different solutions within 90 days. Moore decided to reinvest some of his newfound cost savings into further enhancing Xonicwave’s service offerings with tools like vPenTest. This allowed them to pen test their clients’ environments monthly for a fraction of the traditional cost, transforming labor-intensive tasks into highly efficient processes.


The implementation of 18 Kaseya components — most of which required migration from other tools — was swift and strategic, with a dedicated project manager ensuring priorities were met without disrupting ongoing operations. This transformation yielded massive operational efficiency for Xonicwave, empowering the company to significantly enhance the quality of service provided to their clients. It also up-leveled Xonicwave to Blue Diamond partnership status with Kaseya, which is reserved for elite MSPs who are heavily invested in the power of the IT Complete platform.


Xonicwave continues to innovate and adapt to new technologies for enhancing service delivery while always maintaining security and availability. Moore’s vision for the future includes leveraging AI to improve efficiency, adopting more cloud solutions and staying ahead of the curve with compliance and cyber liability insurance. With a steadfast commitment to protecting data and delivering top-notch service, Xonicwave is well-poised for continued success and growth in the ever-evolving IT landscape, being powered by Kaseya every step of the way.