Case Study

GoCloud Intelligently Outsources L1 and L2 Tickets to Improve Profits and Service Delivery


GoCloud, a company helping healthcare, legal and government sectors move to the cloud, faced problems in ensuring smooth transitions while also maintaining high security and meeting strict compliance rules. Their old way of managing different security tools caused inefficiencies and slow threat response. By partnering with Kaseya Help Desk Services, GoCloud gained 24/7 support, cut costs by about 50% and improved their ability to handle more work. Dive into our case study to discover how GoCloud’s partnership allowed them to focus on growing their business with dependable expert support.


Miami, Florida


GoCloud provides cost-effective IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, addressing budget and expertise challenges. The company offers services for servers, personal computers, wireless devices, VOIP solutions, operating systems and applications. GoCloud excels in quality service and tailored solutions, possessing extremely skilled staff that ensures efficient and thorough project completion with client involvement. Their services include network assessments, hardware and software acquisition, installation, remote monitoring, disaster recovery planning and more.

“We consider Kaseya to be an extension of our business." Javier DugarteChief Cybersecurity and IT Services Officer


GoCloud, a premier provider of cloud transition services, specializes in assisting organizations across healthcare, legal and government sectors to navigate the complexities of cloud migration. These industries are often burdened with stringent compliance requirements and face numerous security challenges.

Before partnering with Kaseya, GoCloud struggled to ensure seamless cloud transitions while maintaining high security standards and compliance across diverse client needs. The fragmented approach to managing various security tools not only hindered operational efficiency but also posed risks of errors and increased response times to potential threats.


GoCloud turned to Kaseya Help Desk Services to address their operational challenges. Kaseya’s comprehensive 24/7 help desk support enabled the company to provide round-the-clock assistance to their clients, improving customer satisfaction and reducing downtime. Cost efficiency was another boon, as Kaseya Help Desk Services empowered GoCloud to optimize costs by reducing the day-to-day ticket requirements of their existing staff and by avoiding the need for additional hires. This led to immediate and substantial savings, estimated at 50% compared to hiring new staff.

Additionally, scalability was essential for GoCloud. The ability to scale support quickly and efficiently allowed the company to grow faster and handle increased workloads without compromising service quality. Expertise and reliability were also crucial, with Kaseya Help Desk Services bringing in a wealth of knowledge and ensuring that all client issues were handled promptly and professionally.


The integration of Kaseya Help Desk Services resulted in several key benefits:

  • Force augmentation: Kaseya Help Desk Services effectively multiplied GoCloud’s technician capacity, allowing them to manage a larger volume of client issues with fewer resources. This scalability was crucial in maximizing profits and supporting faster business growth.
  • Cost savings: By outsourcing to Kaseya, GoCloud achieved significant cost reductions, saving about 50% compared to hiring additional in-house technicians. This cost efficiency was a substantial business advantage, contributing to a healthier bottom line.
  • Improved service delivery: The ability to provide round-the-clock support ensured that GoCloud could address client issues promptly, leading to higher customer satisfaction. This 24/7 support also allowed GoCloud’s internal team to focus on more complex tasks without being overwhelmed by routine help desk queries.
  • Seamless onboarding and implementation: Kaseya’s comprehensive support and well-structured onboarding processes ensured a smooth transition for GoCloud. Proper documentation and process alignment meant that GoCloud could integrate Kaseya’s services without disruption, enhancing their overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced operational flexibility: With Kaseya handling the help desk operations, GoCloud could reallocate internal resources to strategic initiatives, driving innovation and growth. This flexibility also provided peace of mind, knowing that expert support was always available.