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Case Study

Coastal Computer Consulting Achieves Digital Transformation With Kaseya NOC Services


Coastal Computer Consulting has been growing steadily but was beginning to feel the weight of its success. Many nights and weekends were lost to on-call shifts where nothing happened, and patching and managing backups were manual processes and ultimately very draining to the technicians. Coastal Computer Consulting selected Kaseya’s NOC Services to scale faster by outsourcing the consistent delivery of daily IT responsibilities. NOC Services empowered Coastal Computer Consulting to free up their technicians to work on the highest value work while NOC Services handles the IT janitorial work.


Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC
Brunswick, Georgia


Adam Casgar founded Coastal Computer Consulting 15 years ago, intending to establish a true proactive MSP. Coastal Computer Consulting has evolved into the largest MSP in the Southeast Georgia Region from a spare bedroom to a sizeable office with eight technicians serving nearly 1,000 endpoints. In their journey of building the business, Adam and his team experimented with the product lines of several different brands in IT solutions. However, it was with Kaseya that they were finally able to fulfill the growing demands of their business, move from reactive to proactive IT management and deliver the highest quality service. Kaseya NOC Services have empowered Coastal Computer Consulting to improve client support, decrease technician churn and radically decrease the number of tickets the staff has to resolve.

We believe in Kaseya 100%. They are a true partner of ours and have been very integral in ensuring that we're going to be very successful. Fierce, protective, and powerful, Kaseya NOC is a beast. Adam CasgarPresident of Coastal Computer Consulting


One of the most significant issues that Coastal Computer Consulting faced was their constant need to monitor backups, which resulted in sleepless nights for Adam. Additionally, it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the growing number of workstations they managed and ensure they were patched and up to date. Adam and his team struggled to keep up with patching, rebooting, and turning their nearly 1,000 endpoints back on a regular basis. Additionally, while the business was flourishing, so were the demands on the technicians. Client requirements translated into many nights and weekends on-call for Adam and his technicians. These frequent on-call shifts were terrible for the bottom line and employee morale since Coastal Computer Consulting would have to pay for countless overtime hours even when there was no requirement for technician intervention. Before switching to Kaseya, the team used multiple solutions, such as N-able and GSI. However, they found it nearly impossible to tweak these products to get the correct alerts relevant to them. As a result, they would get flooded by hundreds of alerts in their PSA that they would eventually have to delete.

Kaseya NOC gave my team and me their weekends back. We now consider NOC to be mandatory. If you’re going to be our client, you must have NOC.” Adam Casgar, President of Coastal Computer Consulting.


Coastal Computer Consulting selected Kaseya’s NOC Services to accelerate growth, increase profitability and improve employee retention.

Deploying Kaseya NOC has helped Adam improve his time-to-patch rate significantly. A newly onboarded client behind on patches can be updated almost immediately and entirely by the NOC Services team. All the workstations are always patched within insurance, and regulation required patching windows, freeing his team up to tackle the more complex tickets worthy of their attention. By taking care of the mundane, dull tickets and alerts, Kaseya NOC has helped boost the team’s morale substantially. It has helped reduce their on-call tickets and time on call. In a few short months, Kaseya NOC has already saved Adam and his team from several weekend interruptions. Kaseya NOC takes care of routine IT maintenance work such as backups and patching for the team, thus allowing them to dedicate their time to more strategic and innovative projects.


The fact that Kaseya NOC has helped free up their team’s valuable weekends has been an incredible return on investment for Coastal Computer Consulting. The company no longer has to pay any of their technicians countless hours of overtime for twiddling their thumbs over the weekends, just in case something goes wrong. They have also witnessed a drastic drop in the number of help desk tickets.

After deploying Kaseya NOC, the company immediately recouped a complete technician’s salary by handling patching, alert management, and backups. Pre-NOC, their clients had to call them about a recurring issue about 29 times. Post-NOC, they have yet to have to contact the team even once, as everything was being taken care of by Kaseya NOC proactively rather than reactively.
For Coastal Computer Consulting, Kaseya NOC has been 100% reliable and has had no issues with it. Kaseya NOC has empowered the company to grow financially, add to its bottom line and reduce technician churn.

We’ve recouped a full technician’s salary immediately by NOC being able to handle patching, alert management, and backups entirely by itself. Adam CasgarPresident of Coastal Computer Consulting