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Systemhaus Leverages Kaseya Solutions to Deliver Superior IT and Security Services


How does a top-tier MSP consistently meet the challenge of delivering high-quality IT and security services to its customers? In our conversation with Systemhaus, we delved into its goals, processes, and how solutions from Kaseya, in particular VSA, play a crucial role in achieving and exceeding these objectives.


Systemhaus for You


Systemhaus is a managed service provider (MSP) located in Hamburg. They have a team of 21 skilled technicians with diverse expertise in consulting and project management. Systemhaus excels in developing and implementing cost-effective solutions to help its clients achieve efficient IT and security operations. Focused on delivering a seamless IT experience without disrupting end users, Systemhaus uses automation and proactive measures against failures to achieve its goal.

"What I saw so far in VSA is that the workflow automation is great. It is very easy to get new employees to use the automation easily and quickly.” Kolja SchröderTechnical Head at Systemhaus for You


Systemhaus has built a strong reputation for delivering outstanding IT and security services to a more than 2,000-strong client base. With automation as the cornerstone of its winning strategy, Systemhaus specializes in enhancing the efficiency of its clients’ IT infrastructures while also minimizing costs. Investing in solutions with top-tier automation capabilities is not just a strategic choice but a fundamental commitment for them, which makes VSA an ideal match. Along with other solutions from the Kaseya family, VSA supports Systemhaus to reduce manual processes, increase efficiency and provide better support and service to clients.


Systemhaus has been a long-time user of VSA and agrees that the solution seamlessly aligns with its strategy to monitor and deliver IT services to clients without a hitch. Along with VSA, Systemhaus uses many other solutions from Kaseya, like BMS, IT Glue, Spanning Backup and Dato BCDR, which allow the MSP to harness top-notch integration and workflow automation.

What stands out for Systemhaus is the unified nature of VSA, offering complete control and visibility over client endpoints, networks and cloud environments. They appreciate the ease with which even new technicians can wield automation in VSA, enabling them to perform tasks swiftly and accurately. The straightforward automation not only accelerates their work but also ensures a shorter learning curve.


Using solutions from Kaseya has been extremely cost-effective for Systemhaus. It can manage all facets of its clients’ IT infrastructure with a leaner stack. Harnessing the cutting-edge automation capabilities within VSA and the seamless integration between VSA, BMS and IT Glue has helped Systemhaus unlock an efficiency powerhouse that leads to substantial time and cost savings.

Using VSA, its technicians can get a comprehensive view of the client’s environment without switching screens so that they can make smarter IT decisions quickly. Moreover, the streamlined integration between all the Kaseya solutions has helped Systemhaus realize quick, smooth and hassle-free onboarding of clients. For example, every time a VSA agent is installed on a device, a ticket is automatically generated in BMS to initiate the device setup. The process ensures that all the necessary steps are taken quickly and efficiently while leaving a good first impression on customers.

Systemhaus leverages the integration with IT Glue and MyGlue, which facilitates easy collaboration and document sharing with clients. While Network Glue helps generate comprehensive network diagrams so technicians can get a full view of a client’s environment, the integration with IT Glue helps them get contextual information for any device at their fingertips.

“On the network side or more of the unified RMM side, VSA gives a lot of flexibility to manage everything.” Kolja SchröderTechnical Head at Systemhaus for You