Brightgage for VSA

BrightGauge is a business intelligence tool that allows you to generate customizable performance reports and dashboards based on your Kaseya data plus other unique data sources. No more logging in and out, toggling windows or juggling multiple platforms; BrightGauge eliminates the data silo so you can save precious time and energy, and make better decisions, faster. To help create your data solution, BrightGauge gives you access to our pre-built template gauges and reports, plus free and unlimited access to our Data Customization team.

Brightgage for BMS

Get complete visibility into your business with powerful reporting integrated directly into Kaseya BMS. Measure the most important areas of your business by collecting real-time data across teams, clients, and activities. By combining data from BMS and VSA you can discover the areas where you should dedicate the most time; uncovering revenue-generating activities and cost-saving measures. BrightGuage also features nearly 130 pre-built guages for BMS so you can start measuring your business with very little up-front configuration time.

BrightGauge was started in a Miami-based Managed Services business in 2011, because it was obvious that MSPs needed a better solution for managing data and proving the value of their work to customers. What began as a side project and idea for a client reporting solution has since evolved into the world’s leading business intelligence platform for MSPs. Today, over 1,000 customers around the globe use BrightGauge’s software to understand their data and drive growth with real time dashboards, automated reporting, and goal oriented scorecards. No more logging in and out, toggling windows or juggling multiple platforms - BrightGauge eliminates the data silo so users can save precious time and energy.
Business Intelligence Platform