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The only unified IT platform purpose-built for today’s hospitality companies.

Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, or entertainment company, IT services play a vital role in the underpinnings of customer service and loyalty. With increased self-service in a digital landscape, your IT challenges are only growing in complexity. With IT Complete for Hospitality, you can balance the economics of IT service and the cost of maintaining an excellent customer experience.

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Top Challenges Facing Today’s Hospitality Providers

Cost Effectively Maintaining an Excellent Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is always a top priority. IT is at the foundation of ensuring your guests have an optimal experience. Being able to identify and solve IT issues before they impact customers is critical.

Lack of Transparency

You can’t monitor or manage what you don’t know about. Information and operation details that you aren’t aware of or don’t have access to is meaningless.


An overabundance of information can be as problematic as too little. Manually cobbling together reports from different systems is time consuming and raises the risk of error.

Inefficient Manageability

Monitoring and managing a host of devices, including self-service kiosks, in-room tablets, check-in stations, and property management systems, from multiple dashboards is inefficient and error-prone.

Introducing IT Complete for Hospitality

Confidently Meet Your IT Systems Management Needs

Monitor and manage all devices from a single console while improving security and compliance processes.

IT Complete for Hospitality streamlines IT monitoring and management, allowing you to discover, monitor, and secure your network and devices quickly and easily — no matter how complex and distributed your IT environment.

IT Complete provides all of the tools and information you need to evolve your IT organization into an efficient operation.

More Effectively Leverage your Hospitality IT Infrastructure

Replace time-consuming manual maintenance with automatic processes to make systems patching and software updates a breeze, as well as easily monitor and manage compliance and security requirements.

Reduce On-site Endpoint Management and Downtime

Automatically identify and update systems that are inefficient or out of compliance, and spot and resolve IT issues before they cascade into crisis.

Complete Audit and Asset Inventory Information

Discover and audit every device and service wherever they are, with full operational details to easily fulfill scheduled and ad hoc reporting needs.

Featured Case Study

Kaseya Helps Vivonet Provide Quality Service

Vivonet, which services restaurants with Halo Restaurant POS, needed to assure the availability and performance of POS terminals distributed across North America. Using Kaseya’s IT systems management solution, Vivonet was able to efficiently monitor, maintain, and update systems without disrupting customers’ operations.

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