Achieving Pain Free IT Audits

It Audits That Are Effective & Pain-Free

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Everyone dreads an IT audit. Every audit (whether asset, compliance, software, forensic, etc.) is time-consuming and disrupts normal business activities.

One main reason for this pain? Lack of complete visibility into the company’s IT infrastructure. Without this visibility, IT staff must invest excessive amounts of time and effort to meet auditors’ requests.

Listen as Rick Sturm, CEO of analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates, and Andrew McGovern, Director of Global Solution Consulting at Kaseya, discuss effective auditing processes and techniques that will dramatically reduce the pain of audits while improving IT reliability, security, and performance.

Key discussion topics include:

  • What tasks will IT need to perform during an audit?
  • How should organizations respond to audit results?
  • How can IT be proactive in preparing for an audit?