Unleash the Power of IT Complete Workflow Integrations

With over 1,500 cross-module integrations, IT Complete offers the most robust workflow efficiency the IT world has ever seen. And unlike most software integrations, ours are built to last, meaning you can rely on the power and scalability of IT Complete workflow efficiency for the long term.

Having a tool doesn’t
make it useful

Using manual work-arounds or duplicate tools to get the job done leads to a tremendous waste of time and resources for IT departments. Kaseya is the first and only vendor to solve this issue, with an AI designed to elevate and drive utilization of platform features.

By tracking the telemetry of user behavior, the Kaseya AI informs users how to maximize the value of their investment by alerting the user to unused functions, time-saving integrations, alternative workflows to accomplish tasks, and more.



Of software users do not get refreshed training or certification over time – making it impossible to get full value for their investments.


Of software functions, on average, are new each year.


Of software products do not contain any coaching/tools to discover new functions.


Module & Feature Utilization

Measures and alerts technicians when they are not using the full features of their modules. Leverages login and user meta-data to encourage users to get the most out of their existing Kaseya tools.

Integration Utilization

Measures and alerts technicians when they are not using the full integrations of Kaseya solutions. Leverages API/Integration Hub meta-data to identify and encourage full value of suite integrations.

Technician Readiness Optimization

Keeps track of technician knowledge and education on modules, recommends and alerts to additional training/content to consume to ensure technician is utilizing the most recent capabilities of the technology.

Get the Full Value Out of Your Software Platform

IT Complete includes an AI-based Intelligence engine – “COOPER” to improve technology utilization. It proactively lets the technician know what they can do to get the full value out of their software. This passive mechanism does not require action from the technician of the Manager/Executive, while providing a massive uplift in the value and efficiency of owned Kaseya solutions.

Every Module of IT Complete

Leverages the COOPER INTELLIGENCE ENGINE, ensuring your usage optimization so you get the maximum value from your Kaseya solutions.

Increase Technician Efficiency

Given how little of the depth and breadth of most software is typically used, COOPER’s revolutionary utilization-focused AI can increase utilization – and therefor technician efficiency – by up to 50%

Cooper is always learning new tricks

By identifying usage patterns from our software, COOPER can sniff out new methods to solve common problems – even those our engineers never thought of. That’s the benefit of AI; he learns from everyone’s contributions.

Business Process Automation with Cooper Bots

Cooper Bots are fully automated workflows derived from the learning Cooper has done to understand common behaviors. These go beyond even our powerful integrations and automations – a leap into the world of an autonomous assistant conducting work on your behalf.

Eliminate repetitive tasks
Automate away “mindless” processes
Massively boost technician productivity
Free up time to focus on impactful work
NOT low code; NO CODE
Make users happier

Hear what our customers are saying

"Kaseya has a broad umbrella of technical tools, and at the same time, Logically has a need to standardize our tech stack on best-of-breed solutions while minimizing the number of vendor relationships to maintain. So, it’s just the marrying of those two. To me, this has been the definition of a partnership,” Chris explained, adding “Kaseya is the difference between a partner and just another tech vendor."

Chris Morton

Chief Information Officer

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"We chose to build the majority of our stack with Kaseya because we found that our goals and values directly aligned with their products, services and people."

Brandon Fogliano

Director of Technology,
Corporate Technologies Group

"Kaseya's products are mature so you can put what you need in, and get out what you need tenfold"

Rick Jordan

CEO and Founder,
ReachOut Technology

"The synergy between Vorex, IT Glue and VSA allowed us to scale our service level to that of a 10-12 person IT department with just the two of us. Also, being able to consolidate (and trust) billing has saved us more than 50 hours per month alone."

John Tkalcich

Director of Technology,
Staples-Motley School District

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