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Our sales and onboarding process is designed to make it easy to do business with us. We strive not to sell you more than you need to get started. Please select your primary product of interest when you fill out the form.

Why Kaseya?

Purpose-Built for Multi-function IT Professionals

Our products are built to serve the over-worked, under-resourced, under-funded and under-appreciated IT generalists with a robust yet simple set of tools.

Force Multiply Your Team

By prioritizing our product integration releases, you can count on automation and workflow efficiencies (built to last) that propel your team’s abilities to superhuman levels.

Priced Right

Small IT teams like yours don’t have the luxury of massive budgets. We strive to price our products roughly 1/3 less than competing solutions, so you can do MORE with LESS.

What Happen’s Next?

Ready. Set. Demo!

After you fill out the form, expect a quick (15 minute) discovery call to identify your needs so that we can tailor the demo to what matters most for you.

Line Up The Perfect Plan

We’ll help you match your technical and business requirements with the right terms, pricing, onboarding strategy and customer support — a plan built for long-term success.

Shorten Your Time To Value

Our Professional Services team will help you onboard quickly, with a focus on deploying the use cases that provide the most value to you.

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Why IT Professionals love Kaseya's IT Complete

“We decided to go with Kaseya because it seemed to be the most complete solution. Other solutions we looked at, they’d have one part or the other, but with Kaseya we have it all”

JR Chaney – IT Security Specialist, Midwest Data Center