Kaseya 365

Everything Needed to Manage, Secure, Backup and Automate Your Endpoints in a Single Subscription

Starting as low as $2.80 per endpoint, Kaseya 365 provides seamless access to functions in Endpoint Management, Security, and Backup. These solutions are joined under one subscription, effortlessly integrated, and live within the unified interface experience of IT Complete.

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Gain access and control over devices and the network.


Ensure devices and data are protected from intrusion or corruption.


Preserve critical data from loss, theft, or exploitation.


Do it all consistently, accurately and within the constraints of small teams.

Why Kaseya 365?

Your Kaseya 365 subscription offers everything needed to manage, secure, backup, and automate endpoints in your environment.

With Automations built in, Kaseya 365 components save time by making workflows smoother, reducing manual mistakes, and making complicated tasks easier.


Reduce vendor fatigue by putting all critical components in one easy to understand, acquire, and manage subscription.


Experience massive improvements in technician efficiency by leveraging the power of workflow integrations and automations.


Experience significant budget benefits by saving up to a 75% when compared to using a mix of separate competing solutions.

What's Included in Kaseya 365?

Kaseya 365 delivers the essential functions in the most critical areas of IT management, including…

Products included: Datto RMM or VSA

RMM ExpressPro

Streamline IT management with advanced remote monitoring and maintenance solutions. These tools simplify IT operations by offering comprehensive oversight of endpoints, networks, and cloud services. With real-time monitoring, automated tasks, and efficient troubleshooting, our solutions enable proactive issue resolution, minimizing downtime and maintaining peak performance.

Explore intuitive dashboards and reporting for a clear view of your IT landscape, reducing operational costs and bolstering security, all while enhancing end-user support and service.

Patch Management

Keep software secure and up-to-date effortlessly with third-party patching .

Endpoint Detection & Response

Enhance security with endpoint detection and response for real-time threat monitoring.


Protect systems with cutting-edge antivirus and defense against malware threats.

Ransomware Detection

Safeguard against ransomware attacks with proactive detection and response.

Managed Detection & Response

Gain visibility into Endpoint, Network and Cloud attack pillars via Advanced Threat Protection.

Products included:Antivirus - Datto AV Endpoint Detection & Response - Datto EDR Ransomware Detection - Datto RMM or VSA Managed Detection & Response - RocketCyber 3PP - Advanced Software Management
Products included: Datto Endpoint Backup

Endpoint Backup ExpressPro

Ensure data integrity with reliable endpoint backup solutions. Automated backup processes, coupled with incremental backups, safeguard against data loss while optimizing system performance. Encryption and compliance features maintain data security and regulatory alignment.

The user-friendly management interfaces facilitate easy oversight, with detailed reports and alerts providing insight into backup health, enabling administrators to make informed decisions and swiftly respond to any issues, thus ensuring the system's integrity and reliability.

Products included: Explore Automations

Automate ExpressPro

Kaseya 365 reduces manual tasks, boosts productivity and ensures robust security and data protection, optimizing IT management across the board.

This forms the foundation for future AUTOMATION innovation. With this subscription, we create a common core set of components and automations that we can be confident is shared by a large audience. That makes innovation and automation even easier, we know the impact will be felt by every customer, and the input we get will be from a larger audience of users.

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Gain visibility into Endpoint, Network and Cloud attack pillars via Advanced Threat Protection.

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Maximize Efficiency with Built-In Automations

Experience technician efficiency gains by seamlessly automating repetitive tasks to streamline operations. Kaseya 365 reduces manual tasks, boosts productivity, and ensures robust security and data protection, optimizing IT management across the board.