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The definition of ‘endpoint’ has changed. Introducing the first and only Unified RMM. Automate, secure, monitor, and manage your world at scale.

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Manage every endpoint, from traditional to emerging – including mobile IOT, VMs and more.

Intelligent RMM Automation to Eliminate Wasted Tech Time
Endpoint growth is outpacing IT staff growth.

VSA is automated to eliminate wasted time and scale as you do.

Secure RMM Software to help Eliminate Ransomware
Ransomware is rampant and cybercriminals love endpoints.

VSA is secure by design, purpose-built to eliminate risk.

Affordable RMM Software for Greater Budget Efficiency
RMM functionality is critical for IT but can be costly.

VSA is priced 30% less than comparable solutions.

egic IT partner.

Move beyond RMM to Unified RMM

Discover why over 100,000 IT Pros choose Kaseya VSA

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Kaseya VSA is the superior Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software for IT pros. Monitor, manage, and secure any endpoint, from anywhere.

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20+ Years of Innovation

VSA defined what RMM software is, but we’re not stopping. Here are some recent innovations to supercharge your IT efficiency.

Discover and Manage Datto Networking
Discover and Manage Datto Networking

Release September 2023
Make the network work for you by discovering, gaining actionable insights, and managing Datto Network Devices from VSA 10.

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Patch Approval Dashboards
Patch Approval Dashboards

Released December 2023
Make the right decisions around patching faster by analyzing key data on security, impact, and reliability then deploy patches en masse.

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Advanced Policy Management
Advanced Policy Management

Released January 2024
Easily assign service delivery rules to end users and devices in a consistent and scalable manner including exceptions and extensions.

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Mobile Device Management
Mobile Device Management

Released March 2024
Fully manage iOS devices within VSA 10 including onboarding, application control, configuration hardening, lost mode, and complete settings management.

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VSA Mobile App
VSA Mobile App

Released in March, 2023
The VSA Mobile App offers full feature parity with the version 10.0 web app ensuring that you never have to interrupt a vacation to troubleshoot an IT problem again.

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Ticket Automation
Ticket Automation

Released in March, 2023
The dreaded my printer isn’t working ticket can now be entirely, and easily, auto-remediated via integration between your ticketing solution and VSA.

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Advanced Reporting
Advanced Reporting

Released in February, 2023
VSA 10 is the ONLY RMM to offer an enterprise-grade business intelligence platform as a standard feature along with a library of drag and drop customizable reports.

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VDI Support
VDI Support

Released in December, 2022
VSA now has best-in-class Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) support empowering IT Pros to easily and efficiently manage all Virtual machines in one fell swoop.

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Ransomware Detection
Ransomware Detection

Released in November, 2022
VSA natively monitors for ransomware-style behavior and qurantines infected endpoints to ensure business continuity with zero disruption.

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VSA is the foundation of the IT Complete Platform

VSA’s deep workflow integrations empower IT professionals to keep IT documentation up to date, initiate a restore from backup, automate everyday tickets and more — all from within their RMM tool.

VSA & IT Glue

Get IT Glue contextual information right in VSA. Access procedures, passwords and information related to assets or organizations in under three clicks.

VSA & Autotask

Troubleshoot and resolve issues faster by auto-remediate more tickets than you ever thought possible, remote controlling directly from a ticket, and asset synchronization.

VSA & Unitrends

Deploy the world’s best DRaaS and BCDR services, available in both an appliance-based and cloud-native platform, straight from VSA.


Optimize daily technician efficiency with 30% fewer tickets resolved 40% faster with ticket auto-remediation, remote control and asset synchronization.

VSA & Datto BCDR

Directly open and manage the backup appliances from within VSA to configure, back up, restore and manage alerts quickly and easily.

VSA & NOC Services

Outsource the consistent delivery of daily IT responsibilities to our trusted team of NOC Services experts that are fully integrated into your VSA.

Looking to Upgrade Your RMM Solution?

Years of data stuck in an inefficient and costly RMM?

No sweat. VSA offers a guided-onboarding experience so that you achieve day one value. Kaseya supports you all the way through by migrating automations, configurations, and data

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IT Professionals Love VSA

100,000 IT Professionals rely on VSA to monitor, manage, secure, and automate their IT ecosystem.

Efficiency is the hallmark of VSA

“It allows us to resolve tickets within moments… and the beauty of VSA really is in the automation.”

Edward Eadeh CEO – E&E Tech

RMM Frequently asked questions

Remote monitoring and management or RMM is the process with which managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT teams remotely and proactively supervise and control IT systems including computers, networks, endpoints and more. It involves processes like installing software and managing activities on the endpoints, servers, workstations, software, systems and networks of a client, without being physically present on their premises. Given the steady increase in the prevalence of highly distributed IT environments, leading internal IT teams are now leveraging the power of RMM.

While managed services providers (MSPs) refer to the process of remotely supervising and controlling client's IT infrastructure as remote monitoring and management (RMM), internal IT teams monitor and manage their own IT environment through a process they refer to as endpoint management.

RMM is a crucial tool for MSPs to support smooth business operations, boost technician efficiency and enhance service delivery for the highly distributed IT environments of their clients. RMM software also empowers internal IT teams to leverage automation and seamless workflow integrations to streamline their IT operations and ‘do more with less'. In essence, RMM supercharges IT service providers by eliminating inefficiency with all-in-one endpoint management, automation, and protection so they can get ahead of the curve.

Here's a list of key benefits of RMM that both MSPs and internal IT teams value most:

  • Comprehensive visibility through proactive remote monitoring: RMM provides IT professionals with the visibility they need to proactively supervise, control and secure IT systems and networks, regardless of their location.
  • Boost efficiency with powerful automation: RMM tools provide powerful automation capabilities to supercharge technician efficiency by accelerating critical processes such as ticketing, security and backup. Leading RMMs empower your business to auto-remediate common IT problems and tickets.
  • Protect every endpoint with a complete solution: Powered by advanced security modules such as EDR, DDoS, Managed SOC, AV, WAF and more, RMM solutions help protect all your as well as your client's endpoints (on-premises, hybrid and cloud) against sophisticated cyberthreats.
  • Streamline IT management from a single pane of glass: A leading RMM has seamless integrations with other critical workflows such as PSA, IT documentation, backup, security and compliance. RMM solutions enable you to streamline your IT operations from a single pane of glass, saving crucial technician time that would otherwise be spent switching between multiple applications.
  • Faster resolution of IT issues: Given the level of visibility the RMM platform provides, it is easier for IT service providers to quickly and proactively detect and remediate IT issues before they get out of hand.
  • IT management on the go: Advanced RMM tools enable MSPs and internal IT teams to manage their IT infrastructure from an all-in-one app. The app enables you to run automation scripts as well as create, update and close tickets on the go.

RMM tools are designed to perform the remote monitoring and management function with which IT service providers can remotely support and control the on- and off-network devices in their IT environments. The RMM tool provides the IT team with remote control over the network and involves processes such as:

  • Software installation and patch management
  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Discovery and inventory management
  • Remote control
  • Auto-remediation of common problems through automation
  • Security

RMM's deploy an agent, which is a lightweight software installed on client servers, hypervisors, workstations, networking devices, laptops and all other devices connected to the network.

This agent allows technicians to get real-time insights on the health of the client's IT environment and to control and monitor remote devices.

The RMM agents can connect without VPN and firewalls, hence when you install an RMM agent onto a device, the RMM platform can recognize it from anywhere, allowing technicians to control devices remotely.

Both MSPs and internal IT teams need the best RMM available. Internal and external IT service providers can leverage RMM tools to manage their endpoints, ensure maximum uptime and automate common IT processes.

Internal IT teams using RMM tools may not call them “RMM” per se since the commonly used terms are “endpoint management software” or “network monitoring software,” but in any case, the functions being used are the same.

Given the plethora of options available, choosing a robust RMM tool like Kaseya VSA that works for you can be a challenge. Here's a list of things to consider when evaluating RMM software:

  • A complete solution that integrated seamlessly into your existing IT stack.
  • Powerful automation with a library of automation scripts to enhance technician efficiency, increasing productivity and minimizing errors.
  • Best-in-class security is another indispensable feature that the ideal RMM solution must offer you.
  • The tool must be easy to onboard regardless of the unique needs of your organization.
  • Easy navigation and intuitiveness are important attributes of an RMM to resolve issues faster
  • The RMM tool must offer seamless integration with other workflows such as IT documentation, PSA, security, backup and more.
  • The tool should be priced right so you get the maximum value for your investment.
  • The tool should be scalable and designed to grow with the unique needs of your business.

VSA is a unified RMM solution that offers superior IT management capabilities and supercharges IT teams by eliminating inefficiency with all-in-one endpoint management, automation, and protection so you can get ahead of the curve.

VSA offers best-in-class security and enhanced threat protection with EDR, Managed SOC, DDoS, WAF, AV & more. Additionally, VSA offers robust patch management capabilities for not only your on- and off-network devices but also your third-party applications. Enforced 2FA further bolsters the security of your systems and networks by restricting access to only authorized users.